08.08.2013 08:30 AM

Justice for Rehtaeh Parsons: two arrests, finally

From just now:

Two people have been arrested in connection with the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

Police arrested the two at 8 a.m. at their respective homes following an investigation by the RCMP/Halifax Regional Police Criminal Investigation Division.

The ages of the two males arrested have not been released.

The two remain in police custody and are being questioned.

We don’t know who they are or what they did, at this point. But we do know is any action by the Dexter government as well as the police has taken far, far too long.


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    deb s says:

    its a start, lets hope the new laws make the difference. I so hope parents are paying attn, your kids can cost you more then a college tuition. I hope other provinces follow suit. Its about time for cyberbullying to be dealt with. As for the adults that participate in this crap…well your time is up too!

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      rhoda p says:

      @deb s — All we hear is about kids cyberbullying on facebook, twitter, emails. Can you give us an example of adults that participate in cyberbullying. Is this adult-on-adult bullying and how does it present itself? I have no idea because the internet is rather raw.

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        Stevedore says:

        Rhoda P, if you Google “revenge porn” you’ll get a pretty good grasp of one kind of adult-on-adult cyberbullying.

        I’d also suggest you check out this story from B.C.


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        deb s says:

        there are many twisted adults…there was one guy on suicide groups, and he was encouraging women into the act…pretending to be a dying woman…twisted crap. There are moms who defend their kids by going on and bullying other children ( that their kids have fought with), one case led to suicide of the bullied kid and the subsequent investigation led to the mother doing the bullying. When I participated in online discussion groups, you would not believe the level of BS…but granted many of the folks turned out to be mentally deranged or young ( 18-22 range) still…its pretty appalling. People with alot of anger issues used the internet to vent…and felt they could do so anonymously…and I am hoping for many…they realize they can be held accountable now.
        some links to the stories I could find
        the mother bullying…

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    rhoda p says:


    Is this a case of political vigilantism? The internet is a free-for-all now.

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