08.03.2013 08:22 AM

Sun: police question Ford staff about crack video

In the Sun, folks. The Sun. Quote:

TORONTO – Toronto Police were asking Mayor Rob Ford’s ex-staff questions about the mayor in the wake of the Project Traveller raids, the Toronto Sun has learned.

At least one former member of the mayor’s office staff was interviewed by police after the June 13 guns and drugs sweep that focused on a Dixon Rd. neighbourhood in north Etobicoke.


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    Peter Collins says:

    When Rob Ford was about to be arrested for driving under the influence and packing weed (could there be a more precise harbinger?), reeking of alcohol he threw up his hands and declared to police, “Go ahead, take me to jail.” Given the circumstances, this was the wisest thing he could do – the exact opposite of going Waco and the realization that one has been beaten, not by the authorities who are in reality incidental, but by oneself, through complete lack of impulse control.

    Fast forward through alleged disco gropings, violent trailer park-style domestic feuds, continual inflammatory and derogatory outbursts, to the crack video chapter. Some say it is. Some say it is not. For anyone with even one eye half open, the existence of this crack video should be a minor matter. It is only one more artifact in a now long, and utterly debauched saga.

    It is foolish to imagine there were ever the good old days, but one can’t help thinking there would have been a time, that regardless of the lack of video evidence, the now incontrovertible fact the Rob Ford “hangs” with gangsters, would carry enough moral weight to displace any mayor. These are men who run guns and coke. These guns will inevitably be used to rob and terrorize night clerks and prostitutes and extort money from mum and pop Somali businesses. This coke will cause a least a few people to end up broke in some flop house or out in the streets, dead, or in jail. These are terrorists of the lowest order who lack even the pretense of some ideological objective.

    As the Right Wing is fond of the logic that, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,” I call on Conservatives across Canada with Tory Tough Love to compel Rob Ford to raise his hands once again towards the dark skies.

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    Lance says:

    Even if the video exists with 100% certainty, I honestly believe that he will still be re-elected. Crazy I know, but there it is.

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