08.09.2013 05:23 PM

The Festival of Joy week in pictures

On the dock with Son Two, hours after his return from camp. Get Daughter on Sunday.

Been quite a week. So here it is in pictures.

Monday: me and Lala at Santa Monica Pier:


Tuesday: onstage with the Palma Violets. That’s Chilli, there. Pic by the amazing Debi Del Grande, best photog in LA.


Wednesday: back to TeeDot with my prized purchase: new Converse with the SFH logo!


Thursday: the thing that made me happiest – arrests (finally) in Rehtaeh’s case. It was the top story on CNN.


Friday: on the dock with Son Two! Next week: Kennebunkport!


Oh, and I almost forgot: my only film hero, Spike Lee, responded to a tweet I made. I can die, now.



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    Hammer Dom says:

    SFH Chucks DEFINITELY the best part of the week.

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    Nasty Bob says:

    On stage with Palma Violets – saith W a few days ago ” I can die, now”. Tweet from Spike Lee – saith W ” I can die, now”.
    Yo, better be careful or Dude Our Father might just say ” well alright then”.

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