09.28.2013 02:55 PM

Adrian Dix called while you were out

He said he has some advice, free of charge.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Geez. Hasn’t Kathleen heard of a happy medium? By all means, don’t start out negative but call a spade a spade and bloody well defend youself and finish it. Don’t just roll over, smiling widely. As the lawyers do, vigourously defend and take it to them and contest the shit out of the opposition Bullshit. It’s called leadership.

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    Shawna Doran says:

    Did no one just see what happened here in B.C.? If anything, the campaign that Adrian Dix led showed that if you go positive, it must mean that you’re possibly hiding something in your past (in his case, back-dating a memo to protect then-Premier Glen Clark). I know that Premier Wynne doesn’t have anything like that surrounding her personally, but the party brand itself is damaged…and if you don’t fight, the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats are going to have a field day.

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    Joe Harrington says:

    Negative ads work because most of the electorate is stupid enough to fall for them. I abhor negative ads because of that. It’s so depressing that we can do so much better by putting our collective energy toward tackling an issue but we choose to throw mud at each other instead.

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      JohnW says:

      But surely there must be a speck of truth in all those negative attack ads that resonate with the voting public and help form their voting decision. Perhaps you prefer polite attack ads that explain policy in detail and confuses the voting public. Or perhaps the voting public prefers to see blood on the floor as politicians provide them with political circus! Different strokes for different folks!

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    JohnW says:

    So, Wynne is gonna campaign on raising “new tolls or fees to fund public transit”!

    Meanwhile Conservative Mayor Ford is able to get $660 Million from Conservative Harper for public transit in TO…. and PC Hudak is hiding in the bushes. Ya think maybe?… Nah!

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