09.14.2013 12:46 PM

Are you starting to get the sense that I am unconvinced by the LPC’s priorities?



  1. dave says:

    My fantasy…we have partial proportional rep… 200 or so consitutuancies as now for that vertical,local rep…100 seats filled by proportional rep for that horizontal rep… small parties can get a foot into parliament…Marijuana party organizes, gets proportional rep seats enough to have some clout…passes reasonble legislation regarding pot…no more need for that party…it disappears next election.

    ‘Jobs war trade’…yeah yeah yeah,the economy …howz the weather these days…any indications of climate changes?

  2. David I. says:

    Please, Warren, it was the summer silly season. You’ve been around politics long enough to know that.

  3. thomas gallezot says:

    I remember in France, each time we were organizing a protest, however important the issue was, the majority of the crowd ended up chanting “legalize it!” Problem is: these folks don’t vote. If there was ever a vocal minority, it’s this one.

  4. Fraternite says:

    It’s great that you’re unconvinced by the LPC’s priorities, but it’s terrifying to know that you’re a partisan so you’ll almost certainly find a home in a different party. I’m scared that you might be going the same way I came from.

    Don’t do it!

  5. james Smith says:

    Perhaps they could propose closing some almost built gas plants….

  6. The LPC War Room has to start issuing policy statements. Otherwise all we will get is more “Harper is bad” statements without any concrete action alternatives. Agreed that the Weed issue is simply not a national priority

  7. Brad Young says:

    I am now on my second job in less than a year where the IT dept has been outsourced offshore.

    And asshole is writing a book about hockey.

    I am starting to really get tired of Canada. They make a big deal about somebody coming here illegally to wait tables in northern Alberta yet they let 1000’s of good paying jobs disappear over night to other countries.

    • dave says:

      Sometimes I think that when Conserv (and some Lib) politicians talk about “the economy,” they are talking about the corporate board room only.

      Canada is our common wealth…for ideological rationales we have sub divided that common wealth and parcelled it out to increasingly foreign corporate board rooms, that redistribute that wealth abroad.
      I get the feeling that people on Manhatten Island must have had, a few centuries ago, when their chiefs told them that they had ceded the island to the hairy faces for a few beads.

  8. Elisabeth Lindsay says:


  9. P. Edwards says:

    What would it take for you to seriously consider Justin Trudeau as next prime minister of Canada… and when?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      With respect to all individuals, it doesn’t matter one whit what a single person thinks of Justin. What matters is the general consensus that forms among the voting public. It can go the way of Layton or that of Ignatieff. For the moment, the perception of Trudeau seems to lie somewhere in between. IMHO, the key to victory will rest on Justin’s political evolution. If it goes as I expect, we will win. However, don’t wait until 2015 to come up with an initial plank that will define the party and the broad principles Liberals have traditionally stood for.

  10. Kev says:

    Meanwhile, the Libs completely destroyed the biggest “gotcha” that the Tory war room was going to fling Trudeau’s way on day four of the 2015 campaign.

    Point: Liberals.

  11. PeggyW says:

    Who says it is a priority? It’s one issue that has been handled two years out from an election. As far as current issues go, Trudeau has certainly commented appropriately on Syria and was first out of the gate with regard to the Quebec Charter. Personally, I don’t see the value in rolling out specific economic policies unilaterally chosen by the LPC just for the sake of saying you’ve done it. IN two years time, the current economic reality may very well render some of them non-viable or irrelevant.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      If Abacus is on target, I see the value in countering softening polling support particularly in the critical battleground of Ontario.

      • PeggyW says:

        Maybe, but Abacus is one poll at one moment in time, and the polling industry isn’t too reliable these days. I’m not saying you shouldn’t present any ideas: I just don’t know how detailed you need to be. I don’t know how inspired anyone is going to be by Mulcair’s pedantic policy lectures, for instance. Just my take, but I could be dead wrong.

  12. patrick says:

    Well, it was the “old man media” that made Justin’s pot confession a big story. Most of the people I know, and none of them smokers, shrugged and were just glad that he isn’t a hypocrite on the issue. I really think this story just gave journalists something easy to do over the summer.
    And it’s two years before an election, would you, as a political strategist be revealing your platform this early in the game?

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