09.18.2013 12:00 PM

I’m on About Me now

Here. It’s kind of boring, so suggestions about how to make it more useful to you guys would be gratefully accepted.

If nothing else, it’s an offset to what a lunatic in Ottawa did on Wikipedia. Check that out, and ask yourself who might have written it.


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    deb s says:

    Kinsella continues to shape the political scene in Canada through his presence on television, newsprint and music. His fight against toronto corruption has slowly made change happen. He one day hopes to run for mayor as he would lead canada’s biggest city onto the world stage with style and finesse. He continues to fight the right and inspires other Canadians to join his cause.

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    the salamander hordes says:

    .. that car wash thingy.. that still a standing offer ?

    I think your heart’s n the right place.. and your head’s on straight
    The review kinda reflects that .. in a nice neat way ..

    Its never a mistake to mention a glowing heart attitude n way of being
    Does that help.. ? ..

    Standing on Guard is never ever.. boring ..
    not to my ‘true north strong n free’ eyes ..
    and these days ‘strong n free’ is a dark horse
    .. and Omnibus is the favorite ….

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    It’s not bio material per se but what interests me about Kinsella is his passion for Canada. That’s part of what makes you tick — and that’s what I want more of: Kinsella, passionate about his Canada. Authentic, unreserved feeling cogently expressed.

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    Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Kinsella is a dark, moody, obstinate, unblinking Canadian political warrior…but, nonetheless, a warrior with a big heart who has done much good to help a lot of unfortunate souls including those who were abused for years within the Ontario social safety net system by those in positions of authority who were supposed to shelter them from harm.

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    Lynn says:

    I think you need to add something about being a fighter for social justice, and sound social and fiscal policies that benefit all Canadians from coast to coast to coast. A believer in an inclusive and progressive causes with an eye toward the future,…. and hopeful for a serious revival of punk rock before he transcends this world.

    I think the word “progressive” would be a nice addition since many of link your name and the term “progressive” …and it may just tick off the righties to have the word there — they lost their right to the word IMO– no PCs any more.

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