09.13.2013 01:54 PM

In search of Ferris Bueller

On the Magnificent Mile in the Windy City for Riot Fest. Note my headgear, which no government here has yet made illegal.



  1. Philippe says:

    Warren, if you want the best tasting Chicago style za you’ve ever had- hit this spot: http://www.ginoseast.com/

  2. Jim Connaught says:


  3. dave says:

    There last March… wife and I listening to music…got Anna Netrebko in Boheme(Why does Mimi have to die? Why?)…Spent days in the Chi Inst of Art…you could be in that place weeks and never see the same thing twice…did the Chi architecture, great stuff from 1890’s to today…Wright and Mies van der Roh…walked that mag mile, cold and windy for sure…what a great city!
    Didn’t wear my Canucks shirt, though…

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