09.20.2013 07:51 AM

Ontario politicians come together, plus who saw the problem first

Nice story, nicely done. Good on the PCs, NDP and Libs.

The MPP who got this ball rolling, however, has not gotten any credit, and he deserves it.  He’s Steve del Duca, and he was drawing people’s attention to the Parti Quebecois’ racist “Charter” many weeks ago, pretty much before anyone else in English Canada.

I’m glad that Monte is getting lots of press about it.  But it was Steve who saw this problem first, and I plan to write a column about him (and other like-minded folks) soon.


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    Larry Kaplan says:

    We are all still waiting to hear about the big change in your life and read your exposé of Wikipedia.

    Mark Bourrie

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    Michael Bussiere says:

    I would argue it’s more elitist than racist. A bunch of idiot savant politicos sketching out social engineering schematics in some very fancy and insular conference room.

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    Bradley Simpson says:

    Warren…. when will you comment on Trudeau’s “used car salesman insult” as has Ezra Levant? Not a peep from the “media party” or the CBC. Cover-up? Whitewash? Rallying around the turd stink?

    Come on, Warren, you must say something about this Liberal leadership disaster and now! Perhaps there is nothing left to save, and the final collapse of the LPC is inevitable under the Trudeau “leadership”. You and decent Liberals like Garneau, Martha H-F, Joyce, others must be cringing and considering if it’s worth the effort.

    Dion, Ignatieff, and now the bottom of the Liberal barrel — Justin Trudeau. WTF!!

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      Derek Pearce says:

      Uh, that was a minor gaffe Trudeau made and your hysterical rantings about it portending a final Liberal collapse shows you either are clueless about politics or a fanatical Conservative, or both.

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    Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Great stuff but, sadly, methinks they’re playing right into the Québec separatists’ hands further reinforcing the erroneous but popular perception in that province…que les Qébecois sont seuls contre le reste du Canada. I have a friend who lived in Quebec for a number of years who said that one thing he learned there, apart from speaking French, is that trying to place pressure like this from outside, while well intentioned for the Canadian federal system, and our general values of tolerance and accommodation, will have the polar opposite effect desired. While we should not sit back and be complacent, I firmly believe that this issue will have a better outcome if it is resolved from inside that province by its own citizens. Les Québecois, I believe, don’t need a big brother type of holier-than-thou attitude from the rest of Canada. Other provinces have had their share of dark moments in this area of social, cultural and religious accommodations…to say nothing about how our native populations have been treated right across the country.

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    Tisme says:

    Big City Lib, Dr. dawg and Berney Farber both wrote about Marois months ago.

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