09.09.2013 10:18 AM

This Ford Nation village has plenty of idiots

It amazes me – amazes me – that the paid-up citizens of Ford Nation thought they were doing their heroes a favour by bringing Press Council complaints against media organizations who did extraordinary investigative work about the drug-related enthusiasms of DoFo and RoFo.

All that these addled, knuckle-dragging fools have done is given the Star and Globe privileged opportunities to testify, in brutal detail, how (a) Rob Ford was in a video smoking crack and how (b) Doug Ford was a drug dealer in Etobicoke.  Which said media are doing, right now, without making use of the word “alleged.”

You know that old adage about “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?”

It’s true.


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    Robin says:

    Is it Ford Nation? I kind of assumed that it was anti-Forders who brought the complaints to give the Star and Globe this forum – which they seem to be using to their full advantage.

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    Michael says:

    Maybe they were high when they made the request. 😉

    Sorry, allegedly high.

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    Paul says:

    Be careful: It seems that every time someone insults Ford Nation, it grows!

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    Lance says:

    LOL Really. Trudeau called Harper a prohibitionist? The idea of prohibition means that you are for banning something that is ALREADY legal. Like alcohol during, um, Prohibition?

    Mr. Trudeau, how about not waiting until 2015 for regaling us with some of your economic ideas and leaving this comparatively irrelevant dope stuff alone now that it has had it’s day. Please?

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      smelter rat says:

      Put your thinking cap on Lance. Weed was perfectly legal until 1923, and even them no one cared who smoked it until well into the ’40’s when law enforcement began in earnest. “Prohibitionist” is perfectly logical term for Mr. Harper, who definitely could befit from a toke or two.

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        Lance says:

        “….until 1923”.

        And since then? Well, there you go.

        It is NOT legal, thus calling Harper a “prohibitionist” for not advocating the banning of it when it is not legal is not “perfectly logical”; it was a ridiculous, absurd, illogical, and pandering statement.

        But I digress. This talk about marijuana from Trudeau is getting old. When I hear talk about Trudeau legalizing a drug like marijuana, it makes me care even less about Ford’s alleged drug use. That, and I want to hear from him some inkling about the economy and what he would do as PM, little of which I have yet to hear by comparison.

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      steve says:

      Not economically relevant? Lets first examine the costs side. What percentage of policing is directly and indirectly tied to enforcing pot prohibition? I would guess at least 20%. Then there is the justice system cost, it would not be unreasonable to give this a value of 2 Billion a year. Thats a serious saving just sitting there.

      Now lets look at the revenue side, its got to be a billion in direct tax, and then think about all the income and other taxes that are now going underground that will go into the coffers.

      Finally consider the economic impact of a healthy hemp industry. It should replace cotton, wood pulp and even plastics. It will be a free feedstock, the users only want the buds and all those stalks are free money.

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    Greg says:

    Does this make Doug Holyday DoHo?

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    patrick says:

    Surprised? By Ford Nation? You haven’t been paying attention Warren. These minions are charging the “leftist castle (well it’s on the left side of the tree), torch and pitchfork in hand, screaming “revenge” and creating a wall of rancid spittle that prevents them seeing the drawbridge coming down on their heads. Typical really.

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    thomas gallezot says:

    Sure, you can call it dumb. Unless you realize that nobody among folks who support Rob Ford give a flying fuck about the fact that he might have smoked crack with young Somali kids. Actually it resonates better than other politicians stuffing their nose with cocaine hidden from the eyes of the public in private mansions. People who are voting for Rob Ford are mostly working class folks coming from part of the world, like China, Eastern Europe, India or Africa where doing drugs is not a big deal. The bigoted mainly white, usually catholic, people who think that merely saying the word crack will send you straight to hell are not voting for him anyways.

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    CW says:

    Leftists/Liberals are SO desperate to oust Ford they are grasping at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to discredit or vilify the Mayor who has already WON IN COURT three times & has no need to waste more time & money to prove or disprove ANYTHING to his supporters, especially detractors. WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY. You simply discredit YOURSELVES. As long as Fords Rule, Kinsella & his thinning herd of entitled Libs will continue to try everything possible to distract the public from what leftists always do! LYING, STEALING, CHEATING, BRIBING UNIONS, TAXING, OVERSPENDING, COMMITTING SCANDALS & COVER UPS, WASTING $$BILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!! As long as Libs & Lefties continue to abuse hard working, law abiding tax payers, the SMART ones will continue to vote for politicians like the Fords who are fiscally responsible, honest, hard working people delivering RESPECT for the public they were elected to SERVE. Unlike the entitled Libs & Dippers ~ repeat offenders who have PROVEN they have NO respect whatsoever for taxpayers!! Or to put it in language that lefties use and might understand better … IDIOTS!!

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      Victor the Crab says:

      Well asshole, given the events of the past week, it’s time for you retarded crybabies to eat your words. Your tears will be delicious.

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