10.29.2013 01:36 PM

Metro: Stintz stumbles out of the gate


“…Stintz’s announcement was still notable for just how badly she seemed to position her campaign to replace Mayor Rob Ford. Right out of the gate, Stintz seems to have set herself up for failure.”


“I worry that another four years of Rob Ford may not move the city forward,” she added, but the qualifier hardly matters — she may have sealed her fate with that first bit, where she both gave the mayor way more credibility than he deserves and indicated that she won’t have a fiscal agenda all her own.

That’s a big problem for someone who wants to lead the city…”


“…By aligning herself with Ford on fiscal issues, Stintz is asking voters to reject him primarily on the basis of his various scandals. It’s a dangerous strategy, threatening to turn the entire 2014 campaign into a referendum on whether Ford’s headline-grabbers should preclude him from holding office.

That kind of campaign isn’t going to do much good for the city…”


“[Stintz] seems to have charted a different course. A course that apparently starts with “I believe in the fiscal agenda of Rob Ford.” A course that assumes what Toronto really wants is a mayor who’s just like Rob Ford, but a little less so. Good luck getting voters excited about that.”

The full pounding is here. There’s more to come, I expect.


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    Matt says:

    Two days ago, I said I’d be suprised if Stintz’s name is still on the ballot come election day.

    I think I need to edit that.

    I’ll be suprised if Stintz’s name even makes it on to the ballot to begin with.

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    Mulletaur says:

    Pure comedy.

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    patrick says:

    You have to be honest, even if you are lying, and you have to believe it, somewhere so that the people will believe it. Stintz, believed in transit city, sold out for debt and disfunction for Scarborough votes and is afraid to point out that everything Ford claims to be, fiscally responsible, hard working, drug free, etc. is a complete lie, (but Ford believes it so there is a core that will believe with him.)
    Stints is dead in the water, at least for this election.

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