10.16.2013 05:46 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: Ford Nation gets ass kicked (updated)


Media probes of Ford crack-smoking were ethical and responsible, says press tribunal. But you already knew that.

UPDATE: I’m never a fan of her approach – here, the “I-oppose-the-Press-Council-but-let-me-quote-the-Press-Council-to-you-because-they-did-something-I-like” – but the Star’s crown coddled columnist wrote something about all this that I found quite useful:

“Mayor Ford has no shortage of acolytes, ardent supporters who not only want to cover their own eyes to serious allegations but everyone else’s too. Deaf, dumb and blind on Ford is what they’d prefer — a mayor who counts druggies and bullies as close friends; was photographed outside a home described by neighbours as a crack house, in the arm-around company of three men, one of whom was subsequently shot dead, two who were arrested in the massive Project Traveller drugs and guns raids; told his inner circle, according to Star sources, that he knew where the video — the video he says doesn’t exist — might be found; has been caught appearing three-sheets-to-the-wind in public; and has been under surveillance by a police plane.”

That paragraph is a neat and tidy summary of the disgrace that is la famille Ford. If I get involved in the next mayoralty – and that’s only if my hoped-for candidate runs – I will do my utmost to ensure that every single voting Torontonian knows the above paragraph like the back of their proverbial hand. I want the hulking, shambling mass that is Rob Ford to slouch back to the rock under which he lives in Etobicoke every night, and cry like a baby – weeping, destroyed – in front of his thug-brother. I want him humiliated, because that’s what he’s done to this city.


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    steve says:

    Whats ironic is the biggest Ford Nation rags, have bowed out of the press council.

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    Arnold Murphy says:

    Man, Rob Ford doesn’t realize it yet, but his worst enemies are better friends than his closest allies. When a man self-destructs and I know about self-destruction he reaches a point of either absolute oblivion or where he must turn his ship around and face redemption. I would say Rod Ford is either at that line or has crossed it, if he does not get help what lays ahead on that charted path is a worse fate than you detail although that too will come. If I were Ford, and glad I am not I would resign go for help wherever it was made available, exile myself to the borders of known society and re-invent myself for the better. But, alas I am neither Ford nor Stephen Harper and for that I am grateful. What they see as adversarial contempt, is also in essence reality creeping up on them. Why do I keep mixing metaphors and people? Why is Stephen Harper suddenly drawn into this soap opera? Because he like Ford suffers from denial, both men actually believe they are invincible to some degree and take temporary reprieve as actual Freedom. They have trapped themselves in a delusional and self destructive cycle, whether addicted to drugs or power or both they have went down a path very few get to return from. I met Stephen Harper just before his leadership bid which I arranged the venue and event for, at the time he was driven but secretive and I should have realized he was not the man, but we all make mistakes. Since then he has made many, some calculated some not. What I went through with the Conservative Party I wish on no other, the deceptions and lies I was co-opted into ate away at my very soul they forced me to the precipice of which I warn Ford and Stephen now stand. I understand that both men are convinced of their immortality, I assure them there is no such thing as immortality only temporary recognition that will fade with time. There is no political office, no agenda, no outcome so worthy of such sacrifice that one should sell their soul to garner. What these men have done to themselves is regrettable, I actually cannot wish them any more ill will though its not in my nature anymore. When I find myself in contempt, I am like a judge with a gavel, forty days for contempt I say. lol But that is what I sense in your vitriolic morning post, that you are drifting into those same rough waters I have bathed in daily for several years, and I want to warn you to maintain your composure. There is no need to bathe in the blood of the enemy, no need to see his world crumble, no need to oppress him and sanction him, he has done this to himself and the facts although salient are worth repeating I cannot wish anything but the best for these poor creatures, they have my sympathy not my disdain because I know all too well that they are surrounded by worse enemies than I and that their own works will undo them, I just need to point out that these works are flawed, and ill considered if not rudimentarily so in their design in their implementation. Neither man is a leader, neither man is capable of elevating the masses only tearing them down. What they leave in their wake is enough harm done already to us and to them, we feel it now some of us viscerally but they will have their turn I have no doubt of this and because I have been through that hell which I wish on no man, I cannot join you in your hatred of the man its not worth the time to hate either, they already hate themselves enough for both of us, why else would they lash out at everything around them that is good, attacking their constituents from on high, without ever fearing the day those constituents en-masse rebuke them. That day will come when they will walk with their heads down, and I will take no pleasure in their pain but I will celebrate the fact that with their political demise a new day will come and the sun will shine on you, on me and on all Candians. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfQmrRpUxpA

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      david ray says:

      if this were Malala speaking I might agree but it isn’t so I hope Ford and Harper get their faces ripped off to maybe dissuade the next goon in waiting.

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    Mark Dowling says:

    Er… so this would be “I dislike Rosie Di Manno but let me quote Rosie Di Manno to you because she wrote something I like”? 🙂

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      NVW says:

      I’m a fucking editor, can I help?

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    Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    Way To Go W.K. … speaking Blunt Force Trauma Straight Goods to the profoundly inept Blunt Force Trauma Twins … Blob & Drug Ford … Tis the ONLY Language They’re capable of comprehending !!

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    david ray says:

    to the Ford acolytes

    Hear the goon and his voices of doom
    kick us in the head and move into our rooms
    dance on our brains and rattle around
    telling us lies just to scare us down

    but don’t ask who and don’t ask why
    have another slice of liarpie
    now get out and vote for the company store
    and try to pretend you love Rob Ford

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    e.a.f. says:

    Now, now Warren. Wanting Ford humiliated like he humiliated the city??? mr. ford has only humiliated himself. yes, he is the mayor, but his actions are not those of a city full of people. the people humilated themselves by electing mr. ford.

    mr. ford, as many other politicians in Canada, have unfortunately begun to believe that they are above the law. Unfortunately the voters have encouraged this behaviour by continuing to vote for them.

    Toronto has mr. ford, B.C. has christie clark, and Canada has stevie harper. It is all very embarassing, but people voted each of them into office. We can only hope things will change, but it maybe we are simply stuck with them, until they are arrested for something so blatant, even the RCMP can’t avoid it. Oh, and we will need the press to report on it.

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