10.22.2013 11:20 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: Ford says convicted thug had “exceptional leadership skills” – on letterhead (updated)

He’s had convictions for threatening death to one woman, and assault and threatening bodily harm to a second woman. He entered into a peace bond with a third woman who accused him of assault and threatening death. He also has been charged three times with drug possession. But to Rob Ford, Sandro Lisi was just  an “exemplary member of my campaign team where he displayed exceptional leadership skills.”

That’s all bad enough, of course.  But isn’t it against the rules for Ford to help out this thug using letterhead from the Mayor of Toronto? Believe me: it is.

UPDATE: He’s clearly violated Article VI of the Code of Conduct. All that need happen, now, is a complaint:  No member of Council should use, or permit the use of City land, facilities, equipment, supplies, services, staff or other resources (for example, City-owned materials, websites, Council transportation delivery services and member of Council expense budgets) for activities other than the business of the Corporation.”


  1. Michael says:

    Why is this letter of reference on City of Toronto letterhead?

  2. Mark says:

    Of Mr. Lisi: Doug Ford says: “I never met the guy”.

    From the letter:

    “Mr Lisi was an exemplary member of my campaign team where he displayed exceptional leadership abilities…Wasn’t Doug the chair of Rob’s campaign?

    Did not Doug run Rob’s campaign? Funny that the two never met…

  3. doconnor says:

    I guess not yelling and swearing at mostly friendly reporters is tactful by Ford standards.

  4. sean says:

    Exceptional leadership skills indeed.

  5. George says:

    Should is normative not positive. It is a suggested course of conduct, not an absolute one. Nothing to base a complaint upon. While I may agree it is a bad course of conduct it is not prohibited.

  6. Warren's Best Friend says:

    George beat me to the punch with his point. It is a suggestion (albeit a strong one), but not a prohibition per se.

  7. walt says:

    It’s been said elsewhere, but worth repeating: how desperate do you have to be to use Rob Ford as a character reference?

  8. partrick says:

    Oh come on, what’s one more uninformed, misguided, failure to learn, understand, think, dumbassed, embarrassing act of incompetence on a pile of unending failure? Do we even notice anymore.

  9. steve says:

    supreme ignorant undeserved huburis

  10. truck says:

    I never thought I would be so interested about an employee
    pilfering City of Toronto letterhead paper. This is the only
    website right now that isn’t obsessing about one useless untalented
    idiot marrying another useless untalented idiot.

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