10.31.2013 06:27 PM

Toronto needs a mayor: the bulldog edition of the Sun

Still think we’re all Ford enablers?


By the way, I am told that both videos – there are two on the hard drive – show Ford getting wasted. Only one is being used in the Lisi prosecution.


  1. Josef says:

    If you got both videos, then ask yourself…

    What Would Sandra Pupatello Do?

    Then ask again: WWSPD?

    Then do it.

    I think she’d leak them and pick up the fat frat boy and throw him down WWF style.

  2. Meta Kaizen says:

    To the surprise of no one, Tweedledum has turned out to be all he projected and worse. Let’s not forget that Tweedledee also needs to be run outta town.

  3. sean says:

    Good lord, what a gem. Days like this were created for the Toronto Sun.

  4. Houland Wolfe says:

    I can be a little slow on the uptake, but why did Chief Blair admit they had the video today? He could have kept silent and let the bombshell explode at trial. Thoughts?

  5. smelter rat says:

    This could be BS, but if not, WOW. http://unfuckwithable.ca/post/65628440561

  6. tf says:

    From the interview where they think it’s Rob Ford –
    Is there a legal reason why the video would not be admissible? No signed release form by the subjects so can’t air or use without their permission? I think there is a hint to that kind of defence…

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