11.04.2013 08:00 AM

Conservative monkeys with machine guns

Last week, it was Stephen Harper going after his much-respected former Chief of Staff.  Yesterday, it was Rob Ford going after the cops.

Are these Conservative fishing buddies crazy?

Well, yes they are, actually.  As I (hopefully) explained in yesterday’s Sunnow finally online, here – Harper risks open revolt in the Tory ranks by defaming someone as revered as Nigel Wright.  And, as I will (hopefully) explain in tomorrow’s Sun, Rob Ford risks jail time by taunting the Toronto police force he, the law and order fetishist, used to regularly defend.

[Ed.: Spot political quiz! Who was the last well-known politician to dare the police/media to follow him around?]

Anyway.  Here’s my take on Harper, as memorialized in today’s Hill Times.  I mean every word.

“They [top political aides] know where the bodies are buried. If Nigel strikes back, Harper will regret it,” Warren Kinsella, former top federal Liberal strategist who worked with former prime minister Jean Chrétien closely said in an interview with Sun TV on Wednesday.

Mr. Kinsella added that Mr. Wright is not “an average Conservative” as not only was he the well-liked former chief of staff to the Prime Minister, but he also played a key role over the years in the success of the Conservative Party in fundraising, policy development and organization at the highest level. Mr. Kinsella said that Prime Minister lost his message discipline, last week, for which he’s well known.

“He looked like a monkey with a machine gun, shooting at everything that moves. Think back 10 years ago. How did Stephen Harper achieve power? He had message discipline. He kicked out the loose cannons from his caucus and imposed message discipline,” said Mr. Kinsella.


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    david ray says:

    Did Stephen Harper really give his opposition a meme for the ages at the convention?

    “I couldn’t care less”

    If I was in Warren’s business even I could go nuts with that.

    How about a huge poster

    “I couldn’t care less.”
    Stephen Harper 2013
    We know Steve.
    We know
    Enemies list
    Contempt of Parliament
    etc etc etc

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      Merrill Smith says:

      I heard that on The Current this morning and thought basically the same thing — it’s begging to be used in attack ads. If only there were a party leader who was willing to “go negative.” Photo of an oil spill: I couldn’t care less. Photo of extreme floods (in Calgary?): I couldn’t care less. And your suggestions too.

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    kre8tv says:

    Err…That’s a chimp, not a monkey.
    I know, I know: details schmeetails.

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    Steven says:

    Martin Luther King: I have a dream.

    Stephen Harper: I have a middle finger.

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    Big Tuts says:

    a) that is a chimpanzee – not a monkey – get your primates straight bub.

    b) as a monkey, I can not think of one member of my species who is conservative – you see, we’ve evolved beyond all that…

    c) compared to homo sapiens, we monkeys are a very peaceful and organized lot – these metaphors are deeply offensive – the blood thirsty humans.

    The ad hoc committee of aggrieved monkeys

    transcribed by Koko

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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch…….a pox on all their houses, etc…….the only topper would be if Peter MacKay was knee capped by collateral damage of the internecine warfare to come…..

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