11.05.2013 09:07 AM

Enzo Di Matteo: a continuing series

  • Here.┬áCalls someone gay who isn’t.
  • Here. He makes stuff up.
  • Here. He refuses to accept responsibility when he’s wrong.


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    talltexan says:

    Totally off TOPIC: congratulations on your continuous freedom. Remembering the picture you put on the site that looked like a worksheet that an attorney would give to a legal assistant so he or she could fill out the form. In other words, he was bluffing.

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    dr.fever says:

    When I was voting in the Mayoral Election of 2010, I happened to look beside me and lo and behold, who who voting right beside me but good ol’ Adam.
    We locked eyes and I managed to to spit out “Thanks for nuthin.”
    He was pissed.
    Filled out his ballot and split PRONTO.

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    Chris M. says:

    Hi Warren,

    I’m writing about your link to Jeromie Williams’ blog in your post above. As you can see in the comments, Jeromie simply copied this list from others, without giving attribution. This is typical of him.

    More importantly, he has a very dark, criminal history, including criminal harassment, uttering threats, fraud, embezzlement, and so on. Many of the details are online at http://jeromiewilliamsisafraud.wordpress.com/ and http://petpardonswatch.wordpress.com/about-pet-pardons/jeromie-williams/

    I just thought you should know before you send any more web traffic his way.

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