11.19.2013 05:19 PM

Ford Nation cancelled

You’re welcome.


  1. debs says:

    so from reading that…it said…it garnered ratings…but it was too expensive to make?
    I tried watching it…I really really tried…but it was too much listening to those too evil clowns and then they brought in ezra who did a history lesson of all the great politicians who had addictions…that was too much.
    sick of the harper gang tying justin trudeau to rob ford thru them smoking illegal substances. I ask the simple question to anyone who poses the similarties…would justin trudeau ever put his staff, his family or his constituents in danger like ford…andthen theres the pesky problem of ford tied to murder…thru his crack smoking. yeah bet justin never killed someone or had them killed over his smoking of a joint:P

    • Matt says:

      You have proof Ford killed or had someone killed over the video?

      I’m sure the police would like to see it.

      Throwing your opinion out there as stated fact is just dumb.

      And I’ll preface this by saying AT THIS POINT, nobody has tied a murder to the video. Somebody in a picture with Rob Ford, who was a known gang member was murdered.

      While true a member of the homicide squad is leading the investigation, my police friends tell me that is not all that unusual as those detectives tend to be the most experienced, the cream of the crop.

      • Matt says:

        Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux is the man’s name. He might be one of the best detectives in TPS history.

        • debs says:

          tied to a murder investigation. they had alot of surveillance on ford for his illegal drug use…its been hypothesized that its really the murder and extortion they are after. He may not have committed the murder but im certain he knows alot more about it then he is willing to share with the tax payers and the police. Its why he wont sit down with them. He is guilty of alot more then cracksmoking while wasted.
          and I just bet the conservatives would be freaking out and shrieking if this was justin trudeau, or another leftie politician,if they had half of the bad press and connections to illegal activities that ROFO has.
          Thank goodness he wont get elected again…as any backers that count have disappeared.

          • debs says:

            Matt ask your police friends why they didnt nail Ford for the drugdeal in his car the one night(lissi dropped off a manila envelope) just blocks away from fords house? I mean the police had to be holding out for more. There was no way that wasnt something illegal going on from the way the clandestine meeting unfolding( rob and lisi never spoke but had to have seen each others cars)
            If that package was legit…Lisi would have dropped it off at hishouse.

          • Matt says:

            He hasn’t been charged over the videotaped interactions showing exchanges between he and Lisi because they don’t have any evidence of the contents of those envelopes, or at least no evidence they are sharing right now.

            They can speculate it was drugs. You and I can speculate it was drugs, and I assume it’s safe to say we both think it was drugs But the police need evidence.

            That may come from them getting Lisi, the dry cleaner or someone else to roll on Ford.

        • david ray says:

          sorry Matt but it takes an idiot to understand and interrogate idiots and there is only one cop who ever lived who would have qualified.


      • Attack! says:

        As we’ve all seen, Smith was with the Mayor, outside the house where the video was shot.

        Then HE was shot.

        And the Star’s Robyn Doolittle has explained (in tweets) that Smith’s murder was just days before she was called by the intermediary offering to sell the video. And the police affidavits explain that a smartphone was taken from Smith. (and, um, smartphones can take & store videos)

        And “Rob Ford’s former chief of staff says he notified police immediately after someone phoned the mayor’s office days after the crack video scandal broke and claimed the fatal shooting of Anthony Smith was connected to the video.” http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/rob-ford-chief-of-staff-phoned-police-after-shooting-1.2325459

        So even if the Fords had nothing to do with inducing the one(s) who shot Smith to retrieve the video from him on their behalf, the very fact that there WAS a video showing him in a blackmailable moment of weakness may have been an important part of the chain of events that led to Mr. Smith’s death. A “tie-in,” if you will.

      • Tired of it All says:

        It’s crack. It involves death, prostitution, degredation and a whole host of massive social complications for which our social services are completely ill-equiped to manage. I know, I live in Lowertown, Ottawa, and am 317m from the Good Shepherd Mission. I’ve worked with Safer Ottawa as a volunteer for years. The two substances are orders of magnitude different. But don’t ask me: call the Sheps and ask their case managers. They’ll tell you, matter of fact.

        • debs says:

          soo true, the degredation and emotional spiralling that go hand and hand with this drug…its a terrible affliction for collective society and of course the individual. Its no where the same as pot…its beyond insulting for harper and his crew to try to make it so.

          • Ted says:

            I think if Ford nation is going to back Ford, they have to give up the pretext of supporting any kind of law enforcement, or “tough on crime” stance ever again.

          • debs says:

            yep Ted, I think they might have to run on a anarchy rules, govt is useless platform.

  2. Matt says:

    Took him 5 hours to record it and 8 hours to edit it down to the 1 hour that aired?

    Anyone else curious to see the footage that didn’t make it to air?

    Also, Jason Kenney came out today with the strongest condemnation of Ford I’ve heard to date from a Conservative politician. Ford is an “embarrassment” and “he needs to resign” were a couple of his comments. Think he’s after the CPC leadership?

    Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak yesterday said he would be willing to support the Liberals in giving Toronto council new tools to oust him.

    • tf says:

      Let’s think about those numbers for a moment –

      Five hours to record. Not 5 hours of material. So how much material did they actually have that was useable?
      Maybe 4 hours if they didn’t take a lunch break.

      Eight hours to edit, so 8 hours to edit 4 hours of material into 1 hour talk show.

      A program like that should edit itself. You try to keep it chronological, with some flow and development. If it took them 8 hours to edit, I can only imagine what the raw footage looked like!

  3. Iris Mclean says:

    I can’t believe it! Five hours to record, and another eight hours to edit? I’m sure editing out all the farting and belching, and wiping spittle off the camera lenses would take some time, but eight hours?

  4. J.W. says:

    Maybe Kory is getting tired of Ezra as well.

  5. debs says:

    so what did they think they would accomplish…sunnews hires these two clowns and then suddenly decides they arent worth it…after they had those record ratings…I guess perhaps they hoped 1 million people( some americans perhaps) would tune in.
    or Herr Harper phoned tory Kenecky and said can them, lol

  6. Kelly says:

    The Harper gang knows something big is coming down the pike and they are quickly throwing fords under the bus as a preemptive measure.

    On the Today Show Matt Lauer asked,some tough questions (unlike Petered Mansbridge) Fords bombed. “what if you’re out on a binge getting hammered and there’s a terrorist attack? Taxpayers and citizens ate counting on you…” Answer: Well its never happened,yet!

    Selfish dangerous phoney conservatives.

  7. Justin says:

    A least Chevy Chase was given a couple of kicks at the can, this could go down in TV history as the quickest cancellation in televison history.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      In 1969, ABC’s Turn-On (a racier version of Laugh-in) was cancelled DURING its first episode.

      There are relatively large numbers of shows that were cancelled after one episode.

      I’m just sorry it didn’t last long enough for Warren to guest host with Doug when Rob was “under the weather.”

  8. james Smith says:

    The clip ne marche pas

  9. Tim says:

    Wow! Jason Kenney, the Conservative rebel, has dared to say what the fishing buddy and the family friend cannot say out of loyalty and friendship. Because of his future leadership aspirations.

    That is so cool. Totally unscripted man. Spin free. What a refreshing break from the Conservative Party’s manufactured message machine.

    He is totally a future leader and a rebel. Totally.

    • Brammer says:

      That is a direct challenge to the PMO and their scripted talking points. Will Kenney be introduced to the bus? Will Steve? Interesting times.

  10. But, Jason Kenny’s blurb to the media very likely means that there are more SKELETONS in the Ford closet and they are trying to ease Ford out the door in an attempt to do damage control should one of those skeletons fall.

    Brian Mulroney sits on the board at Quebecor (owns SUN Media/News) and just ordered SUN News to chop the Ford Bros program, just after one show.

    So, CSEC must have come up with some Ford dirt by going over all of his phone calls, Lisi and those of the Metro police phone calls and found more potential damage could drop.



    • Reality.Bites says:

      Since when does Brian Mulroney want to give Harper a helping hand?

    • Matt says:

      You’ve copy and pasted a comment from the comment section of a story on the HuffPo site made by an anonymous poster as if it fact. Not sure exactly what point you are trying to make.

      The commentor goes on to say Kenney received donations from Toronto residents even though his riding is in calgary. Newsflash – There is absolutely NOTHING illegal about that.

      I know for a fact firearms owners from across Canada donated money to Conservative Chris Alexander’s 2011 campaign to defeat Liberal MP Mark Holland and Coalition For Gun Control supporters from across Canada donated to Holland.

  11. Windsurfer says:

    For what it’s worth, the hubbub created by the boys is now making the quantifiable news scale.


    All we need to hear next is that some major convention cancelled and moved to Orlando. Then all the “savings” Ford has wrought will be out the window.

    “Today, the American Society of Proctological Pathologists cancelled their 5000-strong Toronto show.” It had become a pain in the ass.

  12. Barrt Mortin says:

    you may want to look at my Rob Ford Buffoon graphic, based on the Obama “Hope” poster. The image is here: http://m-design.ca/?portfolio=rob-ford-buffoon-poster and t-shirts are available here: http://www.cafepress.ca/mf/76584153/rob-ford_tshirt.

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