11.25.2013 04:46 PM

On that new Liberal ad

…I think it’s really good, and I say so in today’s Hill Times:

“…Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella, president of Daisy Consulting Group, said in politics, pictures matter more than words, and that in the first seven to 10 seconds of any ad, most people are just looking at the picture. In the new Liberal ad, Mr. Kinsella said the shorter-haired Mr. Trudeau looks “prime ministerial.”

 “That’s important because the Conservative advertising has all been designed to depict him as not prime ministerial; as kind of this beautiful airhead and that’s what they’re aiming at, and the Liberals obviously are aware of that and are pushing in the opposite direction,” said Mr. Kinsella…

Mr. Kinsella said the Liberal ad is “much better than some of the previous efforts,” like a YouTube video put out last May showing Mr. Trudeau in a green t-shirt and yellow shorts, thanking donors for contributions, which Mr. Kinsella said made him look “like a guy who should be landscaping your backyard, not the Prime Minister of Canada.”

“The background, and the way he speaks and the way he moves, he just looks like a Prime Minister, and that’s the objective of these things…he was compelling visually without being hokey, or bargain-basement, like some of the Conservative ads,” he said.

Mr. Kinsella said both parties’ ads reflect the fact that, even among people who like Mr. Trudeau, “there are concerns about his youthfulness and about his judgement.”


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    Matt says:

    Which Trudeau ad?

    The one where he is talking about his priorities being different than the CPC’s priorities, or is there a new one out?

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    e.a.f. says:

    don’t care if he is young. don’t care if he is good looking. don’t care if he is an air head. don’t care if he smokes m.j. All I care about is he is not a conservative. anyone would do better than the cons.

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      Bluegreenblogger says:

      That is the kind of thinking that gifted us with ten years of Conservative Government after the Gomery Inquiry. Care about everything, and spend your ballot wisely! (Please)

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    Mi Li says:

    While I don’t disagree with any of this, I do find it infinitely depressing that “after ten seconds”, the general viewing public has not only become illiterate but deaf. One would think that after the genocidal personality cults of Hitler, Stalin, Mao et al. people would be somewhat suspect of the golden image or the grand statue. All hail the Dear Leader!

    Some ideas for you:


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