11.07.2013 10:22 PM

SFH: ‘Rob – The Rob Ford Song’

Featuring the new guy, Steve Deceive! Sung to the memorable words of today’s Rob Ford video! Snarl along!


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    Wayne Patterson says:

    The Battle for Toronto

    When Hunter S. Thompson was running for sheriff of Aspen, Colorado, he promised that, “It will be the general philosophy of the sheriff’s office that no drug worth taking shall be sold for money. My first act as sheriff will be to install on the sheriff’s lawn a set of stocks to punish dishonest dope dealers.” And this, in a nutshell, is the answer to the whole Rob Ford debacle. As Ford himself has spewed forth, “hug-a-thug” initiatives are of no help. The whole Ford family of lying, profiteering, ranting, and/or extortionate no-goods need to be slapped in the stocks till their crack-fueled jets are well cooled.

    Nor do I let the Liberals off easily – only truthful in the face of imminent cannabis “experimentation” (as lame as Clinton’s “but I didn’t inhale”) disclosure and pro-legalization Justin Trudeau, Senator “tax the hell out of it” Larry Campbell et al. Drugs “‘worth taking,” if they can’t be used in a sacred way – it must be admitted that Aboriginals were on the right path in olden times; drugs were part of carefully controlled rituals, or, like the difference between coca leaves and cocaine, it was understood refinement was problematic – at the very least, cannabis should be something individuals grow for themselves and their friends and not part of some profiteering corporate hype machine with franchised outlets flogging pot baggies on every corner like Starbucks.

    Ultimately, the problem is not the drug themselves – that is magical thinking. Obviously, some people do get in serious trouble with drugs – these are inevitably people who “self-medicate” and are in a bad way psychosocially – the “root cause” – and the reason why Trudeau and Ford should not use drugs or alcohol – they’ve come to believe their own propaganda as the Savior of Canada and the Vanquisher of the Gravy Train respectively – in plainspeak, they’re barking mad. Adding drugs to fuel these messianic fires can only end badly. Others, try drugs, can’t see what the fuss is about – these are usually people with better things to do and seem to understand intuitively that servicing an expensive addiction is the least cool, the most dreary thing a person can do. It must be admitted a small subset of the population manages to use drugs without major incident; these tend to be people with strong organizational skills and grounded egos and a utilitarian outlook. Thompson promised that if elected, he would not eat mescaline whilst on duty. Words to live by.

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    Rob says:

    Fucking fantastic. Fuck!

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    Pipes says:

    Rob could use that as a campaign song. SFH aka The Enablers. Shit could back up on you bra 🙂

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    smelter rat says:

    Good stuff. Didn’t give the newbie much camera love though. Guess he has to earn it.

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