11.25.2013 09:32 AM

SFH says: go, Rolf, go – and go vote, Brandon-Souris!

From tomorrow’s column:

…to Canada’s political chattering classes, Rolf is a marvel: he’s the guy who erased the 60-point lead the Conservatives had in 2011’s general election. He’s the wunderkind who turned Brandon-Souris Liberal red, after it had been Tory blue for most of the past Century.

But to me – and to his past and future bandmates Davey Snot, Bjorn von Flapjack, Rayman, and Steve Deceive – he was our buddy, and lead guitarist in our punk rock band. He was a great guitarist, too. We did gigs for fun, and raised money for Haiti relief, juvenile diabetes, G20 protestors, Russian political prisoners and food banks. The last song we recorded together was called ‘Mayor On Crack,’ and we’re giving the proceeds to addiction counseling. (It’s on iTunes, folks!)

Punk rocker, political sensation, and a good guy, too. A winner.

Rolf, Davey and me singing the virtues of liberal causes, and raising funds for G20 protestors. Go, RB, go!


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    smelter rat says:

    Heading out to help the campaign momentarily. Rolf has run a clean campaign, stuck to issues, no smears, unlike his CPC counterpart. Whatever happens, he should be proud of the impact he’s had. Significantly, his decision to run has infused the Liberal party in this riding with energy that has never been seen before.

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    Mb says:

    I live in Brandon/Souris and voted in the advance poll last week. I approached my vote as I would a marketing campaign. State a goal. Determine a strategy. Implement tactics.
    My long term goal is a more progressive Canada. My SHORT term strategy in support of that goal is to defeat Stephen Harper and his Reform Conservatives. Tactic one, therefore, was to help elect the person in my riding having the best chance to do that – Rolf Dinsdale. And I did just that.

    In a perfect (better) world I would have voted for the NDP candidate as I found him closer to my set of policy proposals and planned initiatives – more progressive. But it’s was shown, poll wise, he couldn’t beat the ReformConservative candidate. In order to reach MY long term goal – Rolf was my only choice.

    This time ’round: First things first. Defeat the HarperCons.

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    Scott Marks says:

    Respect for anyone that plays a Ricky!

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      david ray says:

      Praise the Lord and power chords. So hope he wins.

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    Matt says:

    Do by-elections REALLY matter? Guess it depends if you ask the winner or the loser.

    Brandon-souris is interesting. There are some issues not related to the senate mess at play for the Conservatives. A co-worker has family there who normally vote CPC. They are staying home today because they don’t like how the CPC candidate was selected.

    By-elections are funny things. People can send messages to their parties without fear of changing the balance of power in the HOC.

    In the 5 recent ones in Ontario, the Libs lost 3 of 5. Were those loses because the Libs have truly lost the ridings, or were the because Liberal voters wanted to give Wynne a little slap upside the head and say smarten up? The answer will come next general election.

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    Matt says:

    Do you have a back up column in case the polling is wrong in Brandon-Souris?

    What’s his ground game like? Does he have a strong GOTV team?

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    HannahK says:

    That pathetic douchebag Observant is back. Who has his residential address, again?

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      Bellboy says:

      Traced to 17 Omemee Street in St. Thomas Ontario. Try Google Map.

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    Matt says:

    Any significance to Trudeau choosing to spend election night in the riding of Bourassa instead of Toronto Centre?

    Is he that confident Freeland has Toronto Centre in the bag?

    Or is it simply Bourassa is closer to Ottawa?

    What would have to happen for the NDP to feel victorious tonight? Is simply closing the gap in Toronto Centre and Bourassa enough?

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    Hammer Dom says:

    Rolf’s a winner.

    A prodigy, a saint with a God-like presence… and very well endowed. He’s the man for the job. He can bake a cake and play London Calling. He can scream, growl and love. He knows how to wear a hat, wash a car and leap tall buildings. He can hold his vodka….and I hear he always wears a condom.

    Polite and well festooned, the type you bring home to mom.

    Good luck kiddo, we’re all rooting for you!


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