11.18.2013 08:01 AM

SFH: We’ve got a mayor on crack!

When SFH did this tune, a few months back, he and his Ford Nation denied it. ┬áThus, the two lawyers in the band added a question mark at the end of the song title – I mean, would they lie about something like that?

They did, they did – and the whole world is noticing! Even SNL!

Oh, and Rolf (the guitarist) is going to win Brandon-Souris.  Just watch.

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    Wondering1 says:

    Re Rolf (the guitarist)
    Interesting bit from CP today http://www.theprovince.com/news/Byelections+turn+nasty+test+Trudeaus+stick+high+road/9185990/story.html
    As well as documenting dirty tricks in Brandon Souris, the article mentions a nasty Conservative pamphlet which claims, among other things, that Rolf “once played in a crudely named punk band that performed songs with raunchy lyrics.”
    Imagine that!

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