11.18.2013 04:25 PM

Toronto needs a mayor: Pam should charge the SOB with assault

This just getting more and more insane.  The cops need to charge Crackhead Mayor and throw him jail, where he belongs.


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    doris says:

    Interesting development in the motion, that may never see the light of day to have an early election for mayor. “Bring it on” and Warren get Olivia out of Ottawa

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      doris says:

      Add to the comment:

      If the Ford thugs want an election so badly why don’t they create one – have the Fat Bastard resign, create vacancy and guess what; an election. Problem #1 – no balls and it will never happen. But I triple dare you Rob create the election NOW.

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        Matt says:

        His resignation wouldn’t automatically trigger an election.

        Council would decide to either have the deputy mayor step in, appoint someone else, or have an election.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    As an outsider looking in I was slightly amused by this farce, but now it’s just pathetic.

    I love T.O….good luck.


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    patrick says:

    Obviously Ford just stumbled (Sorry I’m in a drunken stupor) into McConnel in some school boy charge to be tough. The Ford’s have finally reduced council to a level they can understand, a school yard.

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    James Bow says:

    Ford’s dare for council to call an early election is just silly and illustrates how little he knows (or cares to know) about how politics work in the city he’s supposed to govern. Council doesn’t have the power to call an early election unless he resigns. I got to ask: is he offering?

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    Kelly says:

    I detest violence, but I think what a lot of us would probably like to see would be for someone walk up and deck both Fords, one after another. Justin Trudeau, maybe (without boxing gloves)? Knock them out cold. It worked on Brazeau. It might be the only thing these guys understand.

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    Tim Bandhau says:

    As Torontonians, and at this point, no doubt the world, watch in disbelief as Toronto City Hall descended to a melee of shouting, intimidation, and at one point saw Mr. Ford bolt across the council floor like a pit bull and bowl over dimutive Councillor Pam McConnell, giving her a fat lip that she nursed with ice as she listened to the debate. Personally, I was gobsmacked; how do we make sense of what is going on?

    One of the most realistic and brutal explorations of the culture surrounding crack cocaine is Spike Lee’s film, Clockers. Rodney, the drug kingpin of the projects, tells his son: “If God created anything better than crack cocaine he kept tha’ shit for himself. I mean this shit is like truth serum. It will truly expose who you are. I mean you happen to be a low-life, rat-bastard, mother-fucker who will sell off his newborn for a suck on that glass dick, that shit it will bring it right on in the light. I don’t care if you white, black, Chinese, rich, poor, you take that first hit you on a mission; and that mission will never end even when the house, the money, the loved ones are gone… only time that mission ends when you six feet under…cause it’s also the reason I ain’t never going out of business. I’m a great business man Strike, and got me the world’s greatest product.”

    Unvarnished, yes; realistic, absolutely. Rob Ford, fueled by crack cocaine, alcohol, regular cocaine, oxycontin, raw power, and heaven knows what else, is totally out of control. The people of Toronto need to send a message to the world that are willing to do what it takes to staunch this vicious spiral of gangsterism, libertinism, and full-blown addiction cum psychosis that has infected the highest levels of power.

    In one of the most disturbing scenes in Clockers, Rodney grabs his son and thrusts a gun in his mouth to warn him that he better not go to the police: “Open yo mouth, n***a. Now you feel that? I’ll put this gun in yo bad-breaf-smellin’ mouth and I will pull the trigger. And I will splatter what little motherfuckin’ brains you got all over the Corinthian leather interior of my car! And this my wife’s brand new car, so you know I don’t give a fuck. You understand me? *Do you understand me, bitch?*

    How similar to Rob Ford’s living room rantings. Time to wake up people. Time to act.

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    Pipes says:

    Great Odin’s Raven’s again, just when you think, seriously, that it can’t possibily get any worse it does. It’s a fuckulation beyond belief.

    It truly truly, is one of those things, you just can’t make up. I actually can’t think of an appropriate response.

    I am not sure if it was an asault but it was boorish behaviour from an ignoramous. I do confess however, I love watching his version of running.

    I really dislike most of the members of council, having met most of them, several times, and this is the first time that I feel real empathy for them.

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    Curtis in Calgary says:

    Wow! I was impressed that Councillor O’Connell managed to stop a running Rhino called Rob Ford dead in his tracks. The Stampeders needed her on defence yesterday.

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      Houland Wolfe says:

      I’m just glad he didn’t fall on her.

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    Derek says:

    Operation Dessert Buffet

    The only thing Rob Ford and Kuwait have in common is hot air.

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    Mike says:

    The only things that is missing is the late/great Chris Farley. RIP.

    TPS Officer: “Sir – Can you step out of your vehicle?”
    Mayor Farley: “Do you have any idea who I am? I live in a van by the (Humber) river!”

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    dave says:

    Looked in on SunTv just now to see the Bob and Doug show…I was disappointed…they’re not wearing tuques, they don’t have a 12 of beer, they aren’t sitting on a couch, …I watched only a few minutes, and when neither oneof them said to their political foes, ” Take off, eh!” I left the tv. If they want to sell it in the states, they might have to change the title to ‘Great White North Retro.’

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    W the K - No, not Warren says:

    While it would be gratifying to see him hauled off in chains for barreling into a five foot tall middle aged woman, it looks more like a grievously stupid violation of a basic workplace safety rule. In the retail space, the shop floor, the work site, or the office the rule is the same – never run. Because while you might injure others like the mayor did today, more often you fall on your ass. Which is what the mayor deserved today.

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    sezme says:

    This episode of City Council Gulf War brought to you by Qusay and Uday Ford.

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    GetReal says:

    I also am a woman, and the video clearly shows you could see him coming and instead of getting out of the way, its like she tried to stop him and chose to get involved on purpose. I also seen her up dancing in the legislature with him like she is some friend of his. She is a cagey little weasel, she would also accuse him of grabbing her backside if she could get away with it, like Thompson (only she knows nobody would believe that anyone would try and grab her backside). And now she is playing victim – people like this have no integrity and no shame and that’s when they are stark raving sober. Their addiction is to – money, position and limelight which are all the same to them. A real problem that Ford has, is not realizing how sleazy and deceitful some of these people around him really are. Smiling in his face, while planning to stab him in the back – and of course that is the left media as well.

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