11.06.2013 06:12 PM

Toronto needs a mayor: rally for sanity



  1. Pipes says:

    The official spokesperson for this event I think is Nikki Thomas and I recall she is a sex workers rights advocate, among other things, not that it matters.

    I’ll be there is spirit.

  2. MCBellecourt says:

    It’s good to have rallies for whichever good cause may be at hand, but the question one has to ask is, is this.

    How many of the rally participants actually voted in the last civic election? I heard that the turnout was abysmally low.

    People need to realize that when enough of them are too lazy to get off the couch and go to the voting booth, the collective voice is that much weaker, and that goes for all levels of govermnent. Ford won’t step down because he knows damned well that there are enough people who just don’t give a shit–about those of us who do, and about those who died so that we may have the right to vote.

    It’s coming up Remembrance Day, but it is a direct affront to those who gave their lives during those dark days when people think they’re doing right by their memories by putting on a stupid poppy for a few days a year. That just doesn’t cut it, and these rallies are all too often too little, and too late. The damage is done.

    And the damage to Toronto’s reputation has been severe.

    The damage to Canada’s reputation is equally severe.

    These criminals are being enabled by the lazy.

    Warren, et al, you, me and our friends outside of this website need to do more to get the vote out on all levels for every election. It’s past time for words and rallies and high time to get cracking on getting that vote out. Words and poppies don’t cut it anymore.

    • Pipes says:

      …”putting on a stupid poppy”…I got news for you pal, the funds from the Poppy Campaigns-100% of it goes directly to Vets and the funds are auditied. In fact I am leading my Legion to buy a Service Dog for a vet with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) so your comment is fucking worse than stupid. In fact it is Ford-like.

      Warren-pardon my language, but as a Co Chair of a Poppy Campaign I can’t hold back and I have more to say, but I will leave it at that. Sheeeeesh

      • Kevin says:

        Hear, hear.

      • Ted H says:

        “Stupid Poppy” is certainly not a very diplomatic term and the funds do go to excellent use. However, I understand MCB’s point, wearing one has become to some extent meaningless. Harper wears one and we know how his government treats veterans, even severely disabled soldiers from the Afghanistan Confict. Ford wears one and he probably doesn’t even understand the significance, his brother probably told him he has to be seen in one this time of year. Everyone in the public eye wears one, most probably because they believe they are expected too do so. Let’s hope they put more than a loonie in the box when they pick up their poppy. I do wish they would update the design, I don’t like that straight pin. How about the option of a well designed durable item that lasts year to year? I’d offer a good sized donation for something like that.

        • Ted H: You raise a point that should get more air time this November 11. In addition to honouring the sacrifices of those who died while serving this country,let’s pressure the Cons to do a much better job of taking care of injured vets –physical & mental injuries. It is absolutely scandalous that politicians wrap themselves in the flag and urge us to “Support Our Troops” then refuse to treat injured vets when they leave the service. Veterans Affairs is all about managing expectations and being cost-effective, not serving those who put it on the line in combat. This is not a pro-war position; this is a humane position. The Afghanistan War was a bad idea; let’s at least get our gov’t to take responsibility for this mess.

    • Matt says:

      Turnout for the 2010 mayoral election was 53.2%.

      2003, Miller’s first win was 38% and 2006, Miller’s second win was 39%

      IIRC, just as a comparison, mayor Nenshi in Calgary was just re-elected with a voter turnout of around 32%.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    It was amazing to see all the media attention Rob Ford has gathered. You’d think nothing else was going on in the world. Surely the MSM could have found something useful to report on. Ford’s behaviour is inexcusable. However, his behaviour does have a reason. It is not unreasonable to conclude he is an alcholic. Alcholism is a disease. Would the MSM be giving Ford all this attention if he had cancer, T.B., broke his leg, had a stroke. No, most likely not. So lets everybody get beyond watching the train wreck and get back to work.

    You can not save those who will not be saved. In this case, until Ford recognizes he has a problem nothing will change. No amount of protesting, nothing. Either Ford will die from this disease or he will recognize that he is ill.

  4. steve says:

    If Rob Ford is not going to stand down, he better gear up. Crackhouses are notorious for stabbings and shootings. We cannot have the Mayor of Toronto taking unnecessary risks. I think his chances of re election would soar if the public knew he was taking some precautions, and was not just another reckless crackhead. He needs a new suit.

    Would Rob Ford in a bulletproof suit not be a super hero, Crackman. Imagine a gunfight breaks out in a crackhouse, Ford could shelter at least a half a dozen stereotypically sized crackheads behind him. Two or three shootings and he would be a shoo in for PM.

  5. Paul says:

    folks should organize their time in getting great candidates lined up and then getting the vote out …Rally’s get you on the news (whats with the fixation on Ford by Canadian news media – seriously his home is staked out – did they do that with Alan Eagleson , Garth Drabinsky and others your way), hard work gets your folks in office…

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