11.02.2013 09:36 PM

Will of Palma Violets in LA Music!


I saw your last show at the Echoplex and noticed you had a special guest. I know you’ve often covered the Hot Nasties, but how did Warren Kinsella end up performing with you guys?

We met him through Nardwuar when we went to Canada, and he interviewed us. Then he came and saw us in LA, and we told him “Now that you’re here, you do realize you have to play with us.” He didn’t have a choice; we just told him to shut up and do it.

That must have been a surreal experience, to have someone you looked up to and covered playing on stage with you.

Yeah, it was; you always dream about that as a kid. You hear a song that you think is so cool, and you can only imagine that one day you could play this, and then lo and behold, he was right there on stage with us at the Echoplex show. It was a lot of fun.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Heard Harper singing last night…hope Justin doesn’t get any ideas!

    I say leave the singing and instrument playing to Kinsella. Please.

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