12.27.2013 04:47 PM

Manning and Press Gallery ethics and a question

Media folks are unimpressed, and rightly so, about Presto’s bizzaro column, here.

The whole thing hangs on Manning’s claim that Mike Duffy had been lobbying for a Senate appointment “for years.” Meanwhile, he conspicuously disregards the fact that we media folks have been kicking the living shit out of Duffy for months. With a vengeance.

Anyway – what caught my eye was this bit in Presto’s treatise:

“Section 10 of that constitution provides for the expulsion of a member by a majority vote of the members for only one reason: “… that such member uses his membership or the facilities of the Gallery to obtain a benefit other than by journalism …”

That rule sure is interesting.

I am aware of a Press Gallery member (and Frank magazine contributor) using House of Commons property – stationary and whatnot – to fire off myriad legal threats, recently. Got the evidence, even.

How would one go about pursuing such a complaint, Presto (or anyone)?


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    BarryB says:

    Presto writes: “Should gallery members who have a conflict of interest in covering a particular issue or event be obliged to publicly disclose it (e.g., reporters and commentators for the CBC, a highly subsidized corporation, when they report on governmental initiatives to reduce or eliminate corporate subsidies)?”

    Now there’s a good observation that should be followed up by you, Warren. Sun News too.

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      dave says:

      Yeah, when reporters on CBC report on gvt cut backs on subsidies to CBC or other gvt corporations, I have no idea who they are working for.

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    MgS says:

    Preston Manning is spewing nothing more than a piece of PMO spin intended to deflect attention to real problem: A corrupt government run by a corrupt prime minister … who has appointed *gasp* corrupt Senators…

    Standard Harper MO: Deny, Spin, Deflect … and never take responsibility

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