12.05.2013 01:45 PM

SFH is number two on CBC Music’s chart!

…well, okay, their ‘Gallery of Songs Inspired by Rob Ford’ chart, that is. But we’re SFH, and we’ll take whatever we can get.

Click on the image to see what else they’ve got on their chart! And buy our Ugly Pop 45 when it’s out!

(And yes, single girls, that’s Steve Deceive off to the left.  Sorry to break your hearts, but he’s taken.  Davey Snot, however, wants me to tell you that he isn’t)

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  1. Kevin Spruce says:

    I fear for the CBC. They are openly playing a dangerous political game against the Harper Conservatives. If Conservatives win another majority in 2015, I fear they will neuter the CBC by eliminating the news channel and leaving only a shell public broadcaster dependent on donation from Canadians. It’s do or die for the CBC now.

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