12.04.2013 06:04 PM

Toronto needs a mayor who doesn’t do heroin


That would’ve been my headline. Call me crazy, and many do, but it seems to me that that is news.



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    Iris Mclean says:

    Toronto got the mayor they elected, but this asshole’s kids didn’t get to elect their father.

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    I feel sick to my stomach over what has come to light from those wiretaps, surveillance, and police interviews just released. Ford was being blackmailed for the crack video. Dave Price told the Police that Anthony Smith was murdered by rivaols trying to secure his cellphone and the crack video stored within. So whose idea was a giant casino after all. Were the Fords blackmailed regarding city business. On the wiretaps the guys with the video were going to demand $150,000 instead of the $5000 plus a car that Rob Ford offered (for a video that did not exist). Once the mob gets their hands on something like that , or say incontovertable evidence regarding Doug Fords hash wholesaling business, they will have their sights set on a little more than a piddling $150k. Land use, re-zoning. building permits. taxi licenses, strip club licenses, pizza parlours, laundromats. You name it, these activities all live or die based on permits and approvals by the City. It could be handy to have some dirt on the Mayor, and his councillor brother with BIG ambitions should you be a dabbler in the seamier side of `bizness`in Toronto.
    Fords will have to go now. I am afraid that everything those two touched since coming to power will have to be srutinised under a magnifying glass. Heroin is just more Ford stupidity. the potential fallout is far far worse than any extreme foolishness in choosing recreational drugs.

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    lizlindsay@hotmail.com says:

    Was referenced on Dr. Phil today. Hah!

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    Paul says:

    wow ..Fords a jerk but you guys are comedians …how do you manage to connect all these dots….I was in TO on weekend..the ridiculous parking rates and situation will keep tourists away not rob Ford…

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