01.23.2014 10:31 AM

A letter from the Jewish Post and News

Hi Warren,

I just wanted to say “hats off to you” for calling a spade a spade when it comes to questioning the way CIJA and all the establishment Jews in Canada are falling all over themselves when it comes to praising Harper.

I’m going to take my hits as well for trying to expose the hypocrisy involved in his taking along a staggering number of acolytes to Israel – I just got the complete list from the PMO – 210 names, not counting press and other hangers-on.

Read my own comment that I just posted on our website at http://www.jewishpostandnews.ca about the number of Winnipeggers who are along for the ride.

I’m not a capital “L” liberal, but I can’t stand what Harper has done to Canada’s reputation as a respected peace broker in the Middle East. I was in Ramallah in October – you can read about my visit there on our website, and I still hold out hope for a true peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but not so long as the settlements continue unabated.

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you for writing so truthfully about the reality of how much Canada’s Jewish community has been misrepresented by those establishment Jews in CIJA.

If anyone has the credentials to speak truth to power when it comes to criticizing the official Jewish position, it’s you, what with your past as one of the first to expose the kind of anti-Semitism that was being overlooked years ago when the Jim Keegstras were fomenting their hatred.


Bernie Bellan
The Jewish Post & News

P.S. Ours is probably the only Jewish newspaper in North America that takes a principled stand against the right-wing policies that are dominating Israeli politics. And we’re still around. It says something for the support we receive from more thoughtful Jews – who are generally marginalized these days.




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    PP says:

    Actually this article may be worth reading because it seems Harper’s visit to Israel really did not go that well with most of Israel other than the official Israeli government: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/stephen-harper-s-visit-garners-scant-coverage-or-praise-from-israeli-media-1.2506242. In fact it would seem that it had drawn some pretty negative criticisms from the opposition Jewish parties.

    In the U.S., statistics show that most Jews still vote Democrats despite the Republican rhetoric of how much they support Israel too. Does anyone know what the statistics are here in Canada(preferably with link)?

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    Merrill Smith says:

    This Bernie Bellan guy is obviously one of the new anti-Semites.

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    Jnap says:

    like WK, I grew up in Montreal. I went to schools with a good percentage of Jewish students. These students welcomed me to meet their families and to do schoolwork together. The families I met were generally generous and kind and very diverse in their world views.
    I am very glad to have the news that not everyone in Israel or in Canada agrees with Netanyahu’s rigid stance. Support for Israel should include much more than fawning over Netanyahu, in my view.

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    Mel G says:

    I never understood the Jewish vote in Canada; it’s so diverse.

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    !o! says:

    nice 😀

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    Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    And how many hundreds of Canadians of Hispanic, Chinese, Indian (i.e. whatever was appropriate or saw some advantage) attended Chretien’s missions?
    I am glad he did them, at least they were better than Trudeau’s revolting “Farewell World Tour.”

    The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service lists the following as having been “Team Canada” mission (led by the Prime Minister):[1]

    January 2002 Russia and Germany (Moscow, Berlin, Munich)
    November 2001 Team Canada West (Dallas, Los Angeles)
    May 2001 Team Canada Atlantic (Atlanta)
    February 2001 China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong)
    May 2000 Team Canada Atlantic (Boston)
    September 1999 Japan (Tokyo, Osaka)
    January 1998 Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile (Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago)

    And aren’t you always complaining that Harper should not stick people in the eye with criticism, yet he said he addressed the substantive differences in private with the only democratic leader in the region. A guy he has a personal connection with. Makes sense: You don’t embarrass the guy when you’re on the same team. You let him know privately what your opinions and limits are.

    Others (Obama) allow daylight, encourage division, permit those who would hold out against a peace deal to believe that they are making progress and have an advantage with Israel’s most important guarantor.

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      smelter rat says:

      So this trip to Israel was about trade? Do tell.

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    Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    Another great quote from the same journal:

    Norman Spector, who served as Canada’s ambassador to Israel from 1992 to 1995 under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, offers a simple reason for Harper’s pro-Israel stance.

    “I think it’s simply that he is an intelligent man who has read widely and thought deeply about the issue,” Spector said.

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    harvey bushell says:

    I have a cousin on that list. I’m waiting for him to thank me for helping pay for his trip with my taxes.

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    Kelly says:

    What does Harper say about the rapidly growing numbers of ultra orthodox Jews who are not only anti-Zionist but don’t even recognize the State of Israel, for theological reasons? Nuance? Who needs it?

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    Terry says:

    Dude, I thought you would’ve made fun of Justin Bieber at least once today. Darn it.
    I will just have to watch Letterman then. Those late night guys live for this sh*t.

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