01.28.2014 08:00 AM

A year ago this week

The anniversary passed and I didn’t even notice. I suspect I’m not alone, in that regard. Telling.

A year ago, a friend of many years – a friend I’d cut off family vacations to help out, a friend I’d violated confidences to protect, a friend I considered a brother – looked me in the eye and said: “Don’t worry. We’ll go the Tories before we’d support her.”

He wasn’t only one telling big lies last January, but he’s the one I won’t forgive or forget. In politics, the only currencies that count are loyalty and trust. Nothing else matters.

Another political truism I live by is this one: something that starts in easy lies always ends in hard truths. And a hard, hard rain is coming for you, RW, and I will celebrate it when it does.


  1. Todd Robson says:

    “Friends make the worst enemies”
    — Frank Underwood

  2. Matt says:

    Who was the “her”?

    The current Ontario premier, I assume?

  3. Nic Coivert says:

    Warren worked for Sandra P so my guess is that it was someone helping to run one of the other candidates that went to Wynne rather than to Pupatello which was contrary to all earlier indications. Sousa camp?

  4. James curran says:

    There were quite a few lying bastards on that campaign as I recall. Why stop at RW when you can name a couple current cabinet ministers here or there.

  5. M-J says:

    I’ll take RW “Bob” Osborne for $200, Alex.

    • M-J says:

      Please note I have no idea who Mr. Osborne is or how he may have wronged Mr. Kinsella but he’s the only logical result after three minutes of googling.

  6. FV says:

    Ditto sir.

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