01.02.2014 01:35 PM

Big news, delayed

I said back in August that a big, big change is coming for Yours Truly. It still is. It’s just taking a long, long time. Sorry about that.

Now, please wildly speculate in comments as to what it might be about.


    • Sean says:

      Ontario NDP…

      And yes, I am responding to this post just to get my post close to the top!

    • Swervin' Merv says:

      Back off, boys and girls. You heard it here first:

      Swervin’ Merv says:
      August 28, 2013 at 4:23 pm
      I’ll patiently await my prize for predicting that Warren will have a big hand in Olivia Chow’s campaign, soon to be launched (after the Ford video surfaces).

  1. Steven Roberts says:

    Playing in Sochi for men’s hockey team?

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Thought you were going for the Fed Lib nomination for Toronto Centre….so that’s now out……hmmm…..another Lib nomination nearby, perhaps…..

  3. Simon says:

    With all this talk of Harper’s party leadership being in jeopardy….he might well be looking to hire a sage advisor with campaign experience, right?

  4. Peter says:

    1) you will run in Trin-Spadina
    2) you were to run Olivia’s campaign, or
    3) playing in Sochi for the men’s hockey team?

  5. Kre8tv says:

    Work is finally complete on that long-awaited Paul Anka/SFH duets album?

  6. sezme says:

    Two words: sex change! No, wait: jail time! No, wait: NDP membership!

  7. Well I do remember that message.

    I’d guess given the trip to NYC that either you’re getting married or you’re uniting the left….

  8. Chris says:

    Leaving SFH to join a John Tesh Tribute band?

  9. Lib4life says:

    Running Trudeau’s war room. Pre, during and post election.

  10. Matt says:

    Olivia Chows campaign manager in her run for mayor.

    Either that or Ford’s campaign manager in his run for mayor. 🙂

  11. Matt says:


  12. Matt says:

    Newest member of One Direction?

  13. Danny says:

    Lisa Kirbie. You have managed to trick, dupe, finangle, coerce or otherwise convince that beautiful woman to marry an old geezer/punk like you.
    The Horror, the horror.

    • Windsurfer says:

      I second that.

      Warren, you can’t fool us.

      I had also thought that maybe he’d been conscripted into the band Porno For Pyros, or maybe he was going to start a new one: The Geyzer-Geezers.

  14. Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    Inside sources* claim that Warren Kinsella will be campaign puppeteer for Olivia Chow’s mayoral campaign.

    *Inside sources = Me.
    Before the windchill, it has warmed up to -27ºC in Ottawa; -34ºC with the windchill. So, yes, I am an inside source.

  15. Chris says:

    Putting the old band back together for a reunion show a la Hard Core Logo?

  16. SD says:

    You’re going to be the next feral Green Party leader?

  17. Robin says:

    1. Hosting your own daily or weekly current affairs talk show on Sun News Network possibly including a regular weekly panel of pundits called “NOT Ford Nation”.
    2. Running for Toronto City Council to represent the ward in which you live so that you have a front row seat to witness the decline of civilization at the centre of the universe.

  18. David_M says:

    You’re going to take a run at the mayor’s chair yourself.
    Or, just take a run at the mayor.

  19. ottlib says:

    Your pregnant?

  20. ike Adamson says:

    Switching to boxers?

  21. Kayle says:

    Well, today is the first day to register in municipal elections ….


  22. Ridiculosity says:

    a) You’re going to run for the Liberal Nomination in Beaches-East York. (I’m a devout Atheist, but I’m praying for that one.)

    b) You’re going to become a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. ($15 gets you your own shiny blue card and an autographed photo of Stockwell Day.)

    c) You’re going to become a vegan, embrace yoga and move to Victoria. (So you can raise llamas and make salmon chutney.)

    d) You’re joining the Hilary Clinton war room. (To help lay the groundwork for her candidacy in 2016.)

    e) You’re going to get a slick new website. (Finally.)

  23. Todd Robson says:

    Headed back to Navigator?

  24. david ray says:

    you’re replacing Tai Wilkenfeld as Jeff Beck’s bass player you dastardly mustache twirling top hat wearing rip off their face burned out rocker guy “-)

  25. NB says:

    Marrying Lisa?

  26. Terry says:

    You’re gonna run for Mayor of Toronto.

  27. Terry says:

    You are going to join Joe Fontana’s defense team.

  28. Jon Adams says:

    You’re running Khan Noonian Singh’s War Room.

    “Four more years of genetically superior intellect. (Paid for by the Botany Bay Swift Boat Veterans For Truth.)”

  29. Not observant says:

    You’re gonna reconcile with Observant?

  30. e.a.f. says:

    You are getting a REAL JOB?????

    there is another link in the gene pool coming your way? another child???. or perhaps you’re going to help Diane Watts, Surrey Mayor, improve her image after the murder of the “hockey mom”. Don’t take the job, nothing will help. its policed by the RCMP.

    You’re going to come to B.C. to improve christy crunch’s image. won’t work. She’d have to give up stripper heels and looking like Diane Watts, of course the job might not be too onerous, if you just rest the pull tab on the back of her neck and install a new recording. The old one of trillions of tax $s and 100K jobs is just so yesterday.

    you’re moving to Quebec.

    you get to open for the Rolling Stones or Miley Cyrus?

    You’re ghost writing Duffy’s book?????

  31. Craig McKie says:

    Gotta be The Senate.
    Or a move to Washington to work for the Dems (Merkan work permits are difficult for non-athletes).

  32. dave says:

    You are going to prepare for the next phase of your life by cultivating your inner self, your spiritual side, withdraw from the hurley burley, spend more time in contemplation and meditation, wear a loose robe, surrender your worldly goods and desires, become more like Dostoevki’s Father Zosima in ‘Brothers Karamazov.

  33. Bill Templeman says:

    The War Room is going to be made into a film and Keith Richards has agreed to play the role of Mike Duffy with Iggy Pop as Prime Minister?

  34. JH says:

    Given the undisputed evidence before us all, you’re finally going to admit that all this climate change BS is just a hoax. And that Suzuki should stick to genetics or whatever.

  35. Derek says:

    WK running for Mayor to take down the Autocracktic Plutocrack’s Cracktaucracy/Fatastrophe.

  36. Steve T says:

    You and Lala getting hitched.

  37. Derek Pearce says:

    War room for Olivia. I hope that’s what it is!

  38. Pipes says:

    Warren describes this as a ‘big big change’, so my guess is that, it isn’t something that is too predictable, say like sexual reassignment surgery, American citizenship and green card…………. and what not. I was hoping he and Lisa had their own show on Sun News, because the station sucks and they need him/her.

    So whatever it is, I just hope he and his family are happy.

  39. Will Warren be running for elected office as a PC/Conservative…what a big change that would be? On second thought, not such a good idea 😉

  40. smelter rat says:

    You’re going to start making Kraft Dinner with milk…..for the win!

  41. Iris Mclean says:

    Trading the shitty P-bass for an Ernie Ball Stingray.

  42. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Moving to Halifax…or at least opening a branch office of Daisy there. If I’m right, do I win a SFH Tee (XL please).

  43. Niall says:

    You are moving to DC to participate in Billarry’s Pres. election campaign

    Niall from Winnipeg

  44. Gary says:

    Moving to Mercury. Waiting for Green Card.

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