01.22.2014 12:18 PM

Google Music Timeline: punk world domination is imminent

Well, not entirely.  But this cool new Google thingie shows that I was right: traditional rock really does suck, and the weirdo punk/alt stuff I have listened to for decades really is better.

The irony, of course, is that I am a punk rock snob and I drop a band whenever they get popular.  So, as soon my chosen genre gets huge, I’ll be wearing a beret, quoting Sartre, and listening to jazz with my best friend Paul Wells.

Click on the image for a link to lotsa fun.





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    Dan O says:

    Gool graphic. Amazing to look at the Jazz figures

    As always, I find it more difficult to actually categorize some of the artisits. If you look at the albums included in some of the lists, there are some that appear under multiple genres and some where I wouldn’t classify them under their parent group. Still a fun chart

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    david ray says:

    so many music related posts of late. maybe it’s time for Warren to follow his muse

    pack it in and buy a pick up
    drive it down to LA
    find a place to fix up
    start a brand new day

    Neil Young

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    I wouldn’t be referencing this just yet to make your case (yes l too like Alternative/Indie) but..

    Folk and Country have miniscule slices -that can’t be accurate.

    Indie > Hip Hop?

    No Polka?

    No Klesmer!

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    Student501 says:

    Dunno about Punk, but the world is definately going alt.

    Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Alabama Shakes, etc….

    Country has taken a nose dive, that’s really surprising considering the strong following which it has in the US.

    I am a bit shocked they are grouping known Country artists like Brad Paisley in the Folk category and known Rock & Roll artists like U2 in the alt category.

    anyway….that’s my 2 cents FWIW

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