01.20.2014 10:03 AM

Has the white supremacist EDL got friends on Harper’s Israel junket?

Sun News has reported the names of those who make up Harper’s huge entourage to Israel – and one of them, says the eagle-eyed BCL – appears to have unsettling links to British neo-Nazi street thugs.

Did CSIS flag this to anyone in PMO? Did the RCMP? If they did, and if EDL-enthusiasts were permitted to ride along anyway, it suggests the trip isn’t just for those who love Israel.

It’s for those who hate Muslims.




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    Matt says:

    That doesn’t make sense…..

    If he’s a white supremacist or neo-nazi, wouldn’t he also hate Jews? I wouldn’t think someone like that would want to be on a trip to Israel.

    Or am I missing something?

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      Warren says:

      Don’t be deliberately obtuse. It’s unbecoming.

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        Matt says:

        Not trying to be obtuse, hence the “Am I missing something”

        The post below by bigcitylib shows that, obviously I was. Now I know the connection.

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    Neil N says:

    Thank you for noticing this. I can’t believe the MSM doesn’t think it’s a story that the PM has in his entourage a representative of a group the FBI labelled a terrorist organization.

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    James Di Fiore says:


    Here is a more in depth piece about the member of a terrorist organization included on this list of delegates.


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    Arnold Murphy says:

    Warren, its about Zionism nothing else. I know the tin hat cracks will start flying soon, by the way it has been proven that the CIA did conduct experiments in mind control using brainwave frequencies and that tin hats work, its not conspiratorial if its been proven. Back to the facts at hand. You more than anyone in Canada know the depths of Nazi culture and the links, ties to the world wide Nazi/White Supremacist/Zionist movement. Its unsettling though to think you were used by Manning when you were brought in for damage control, I say used because Manning has recently shown some sentimental attachment to the type of people in question (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypD05ARiOOE) entertaining Nigel Farage of the British UKIP party which took over where the BNC left off. I spent the early morning going over the relativity of these relationships and at face value it is scary. What amounts to a Zionist power cabal which is dead set on the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple, which if you follow the prophecy is the catalyst for Armageddon. Ok, its all very dark, no one likes to ruminate about these matters but denial is not healthy either. Take a close look at the LinkedIn account of a Richard Fromm EA to Randy Hoback and you will see something interesting, the fact that he is a Proud Zionist, and as a added bonus my old colleague Richard is also the son of a former Nazi SS officer. All I know is as crazy as it all sounds, there is a mountain of content to go through. Just google Nazi, Zionism, Stephen Harper. Go through the process of unravelling the mystery, the esoteric mystery. As one person pointed out to me, how do we consolidate the fact that there is White Supremacist, Nazi, Aryan Nations baggage carried by the Conservative Party and that they are pro-Israel? Of course we have to measure the support, its not pro-Judaism nor is it really pro-Israel because the Orthodox Jewish community is opposed to Zionism and Zionism is a creation of the European Christian Apostate Judaic community, as some will now be familiar with Hitler himself had Judaic roots. But these guys, they are not Jews, they are apocalyptic and messianic zealots a big difference. When it comes down to what they are doing in Israel, its the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple and the empowerment of the Zionist cabal to do so without interference from the Islamic nations, who happen to have built the Dome on the Rock where the Temple needs to be constructed for prophecy to be fulfilled. Again, I leave this to the criticisms of the many, we all don’t want it to be true, but if it is, we better start informing these people we don’t want to be part of their Armageddon party.

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    bigcitylib says:

    Matt, Suraski and JDL hooked up with English Defence League because latter group was anti-Muslim. But EDL was largely a spinnoff from BNP (British National Party)…which was openly Neo Nazi…who basically figured that post 9/11 it was easier to hate Muslims than Jews. So alot of them opportunistically dropped beliefs they had espoused only a few years earlier and adopted anti-Muslim/pr Israel rhetoric instead. But the change never really went that deep.

    And JDL should have known this. But got into bed with EDl because they figured they had a common enemy.

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      pc says:

      Thank you for the context. It’s appreciated.

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      Matt says:

      Thank you for that.

      So, kind of a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” relationship.

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    Tracey says:

    So this guy is the one who owns used car/wrecking company who puts up big Ford Nation signs on highway 400? http://www.thegridto.com/city/places/rob-fords-biggest-fans/

    Along With Nathan Jacobson, you have to wonder what the hell Harper is involved in

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    patrick says:

    Don’t worry Warren. They’ll finally get our end of times war started and the angels will come singing as they spill blood of infidels. Curiously, since everyone is an infidel in the eyes of the other there will be no one left. You’d almost think end of times is just one large cosmic cleanse.

    Uh oh!

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    Arnold Murphy says:

    Now you know what the Fords have on Harper and the Ford Nation. If I were them I would worry about ending up like Wolfgang Droege also a Torontonian who dealt drugs, and had ties to Harper…. http://pushedleft.blogspot.ca/2009/10/stephen-harper-and-heritage-front.html

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    dave says:

    When I look at the almost obsessive support for Israel and the way the Israeli regime treats its non European neighbours, as white people helping white people, it makes much more sense to me.

    Just as a nation state is an imagined construct, I sometimes think race profiles an imagined construct. And when I think of the way that Arthur Miller’s (imagined construct) Willie Loman let his imaginings and dreams take him to a place far from reality, it is often looks the same to see the bizarre constructs of myth, historical revision, paranoias, and conspiracies that come from imagined racial inferiorities and superiorities.

    Unfortunately, as we know from just the 20th Century, bizarre constructs that grab power can do a lot of damage.

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    Melissa Cheung says:

    You guys are sooooo FUNNY! Making all the links between JDL/EDL/Ford/Harper etc… All this makes me wonder what actual jobs you all have. Besides BigCityLib working for MLS/TREB, are the rest of you employed by the municipal/provincial or federal governments (or any other government related job??) I have to wonder what y’all do for a living to waste so much time trolling the web. Just curious.

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      Adam says:

      Ah, “Melissa Cheung,” super brilliant of you.

      Well as my dear departed great Aunt used to say when people made fun of her accent: “Let them have a good laugh, it will do their health good.” Of course, she said that in a very thick Alberta-German accent, which I secretely also found quite amusing. You as well very kindly gave me an enjoyable and healthy chuckle right now, as I also rather wonder what sort of job you have, that, at 1:37 PM, you had the time to drop by this website and BCL’s website, and complain that we were all wasting our time finding links between JDL and EDL and between Harper and the JDL. Perhaps that is not the most productive use of your time!

      I notice that you don’t actually come right out and claim that the link doesn’t exist. Which is just as well, as the link between JDL and EDL doesn’t take much work to establish, since Julius Suraski of the JDL (the man BCL was discussing) was involved in organizing the video-link discussion with Tommy Robinson of the EDL. And, according to the list provided here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/200760944/Prime-MInister-Stephen-Harper-s-trip-to-Israel-Accompanying-Party),
      Harper brought Julius Suraski along with him to Israel – the link thus makes itself.

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