01.31.2014 08:15 AM

Murder, SFH wrote

A few weeks back, Canada’s best-loved geriatric punk punsters, SFH, put together a song about Rob Ford ranting in a video about how he planned to kill someone.

Then, Ugly Pop Records sign SFH to put the song out as the B-side to a 7″ release of their smash worldwide hit, ‘Mayor On Crack.’

Earlier this week, Canada’s Best-Loved Political Web Site makes the connection between Ford’s video and a jailhouse beating.

This morning: we learn the police are investigating Ford and the “murder” video.

Moral of the story: SFH are godlike geniuses, and we anticipate the news before it even happens. Here, again, is ‘Rob – The Rob Ford Song,’ featuring Steve Deceive, the mysterious strummer who has disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle, never to be heard from again.


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    Matt says:

    Given he claims he was very well aware police were watching him, yet still allowed himself to be caught on tape repeatedly exchanging brown envelopes with Lisi, I’m not sure he has the brain power to plan a murder or arrange a jailhouse beating.

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    James curran says:

    Um. I”m quite certain I said “conspiracy to commit murder” was on the table. Hence the recent plea deals of the guys that actually might have killed someone. The names I mention herein have been changed to protect the not innocent.

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