01.11.2014 06:28 PM

Neo-Nazi banker’s lies follow him to the grave

The squabble over the deceased Nazi’s possessions comes as no surprise to lawyer and commentator Warren Kinsella, a QMI Agency columnist who’s written books about Canada’s far right.

He said Nazis “are telling a lie about history about the Holocaust and about race and about Jews and gays and people that they hate. “They tell lies about all of it, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that they get convoluted and dishonest about the disposition of their personal affairs,” he said.

Kinsella, who’s written about Weiche, said the London Nazi was seen as “the bankroller of the far right in Ontario.”

The paranoia and distrust in the Nazi movement often extends to their inner circle. “Basically, they try to continue their hateful life in death,” Kinsella said.

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