01.08.2014 08:55 AM

No, actually

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  1. Matt says:

    Personally, I think Ford did an ok job being out front during the ice storm, but with their repeated history of inaccurate polling, check that – WILDLY inaccurate polling – why do people continue to use Forum Research???

  2. Arnold Murphy says:

    The whole narrative needs to be replaced with the people waking up and analyzing the news for what it has become, transparently not the news but news speak. The Orwellian and misleading agenda to control the awareness of the public through constant affirmations, stories which lead and suggest even come to conclusions. Your right, none of what is suggested n these articles is necessarily the truth, they are lies built to assert a narrative that supports an outcome. That of rebranding Harper and Ford, of pretending that they weathered some mythical storm rather than that they are under real investigation and that the mass of public opinion is undecided rather than the reality that enough has been revealed to cost them both their jobs. Its your business Warren, sometimes it must bother you dealing in statistics for a living but for the unraveling of these lies people might be lost. I wonder when the reporter will become extinct totally, the journalism of Murrow is mired in mistrust and undermined by intolerance in mans embrace of hate. It could be that the wave of misinformation, narratives built around outcomes will be seen for what they are, but like waves upon the shore they wear away at what is not firmly attached to land and reality.

  3. Sean says:

    Conflict sells. Crisis sells. Panic sells.

    When there is no conflict, crisis, panic, make it up. This is what Canada’s news media has become.

    This is exactly why Warren is usually the only opinion column I ever read these days.

  4. Kelly says:

    Maybe you can license that to Warren as the tagline for this site:

    warrenkinsella.com — Closing the gap between the yap and the crap (TM)

  5. patrick says:

    Ford phonetically read a statement about staying warm during the ice storm.
    This is only impressive if crack cocaine, alcoholism, incompetence, ignorance has rendered your success level so low that ……… oh, wait. Right.
    Wow! Way to go Rob. You did nothing and didn’t fuck it up.

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