01.29.2014 08:10 AM

Rob Ford: I had nothing to do with a murder

What’s amazing isn’t that Mayor Crackhead – he who gives little kids the finger, pisses in public parks, and drinks and drives near schoolyards – denies he killed a young man.

What’s amazing is that the question even has to be asked, as it was here.

You (and the police, hopefully, ultimately) can try and ascertain the truth. In the meantime, here’s a video in which Rob Ford talks about, you know, killing someone.


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    Iris Mclean says:

    We all know that Rob Ford has never told a lie, so if he says he’s innocent, it must be true.

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    strife moribund says:

    Are you kidding me Kinsella? Anybody can ask anyone else a question. That doesn’t make it pertinent or anything more than pure fantasy as in this case. BTW Kinsella,why haven’t you come out yet and revealed to the world that you are gay?(Disclaimer:I do not believe or mean to insinuate that Warren Kinsella is gay and ask the question only to show a comparison of like questions for the purpose of proving my point, lol) You see what I mean? My asking you that question is just as much nothing more than anti-Kinsella propagandizing as asking Mayor Ford if he has anything to do with killing someone. So what if he’s on camera ranting that he would like to do someone in. he was out of his mind drunk. I’m not defending him but as someone who grew up around several alcoholic family members I have heard my fair share of nonsensical rants that meant absolutely squat! The fact that you are making anything out of it at all just shows how low you will stoop to continue to put printed word to page and to do a hatchet job on our Mayor. Perhaps instead of being the charity case contributor at SNN you should apply for a job writing at The Red Star.

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      Warren says:

      So says strife_moribund@hotmail.com at

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      !o! says:

      Maybe I shouldn’t have worried in my above post about people abandoning Ford and flooding to the next highest profile right wing candidate.

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      patrick says:

      Hatchet job Strife? Where is the hatchet job on the mayor. What has been inflicted upon him that wasn’t due to his stupidity and wilful ignorance – court cases; his addictions – drunk videos, crack videos, coke videos; and his innate vulgarity and his lack of any social grace – threats of violence, paranoia, lies, crass comments etc. Other than it being reported by newspapers, how is it a hatchet job.

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        Cynical says:

        Nobody could intentionally match the hatchet job Ford has done on himself. And continues to do, for that matter.

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    Jacob Trouba says:

    not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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    debs says:

    the truth is Rob Ford is an addict, whether he rants in a drunken stupour or pisses in parks(most can find a discreet corner without camaras but his infamy is making that difficult). Its his alcoholism that is the real problem, that and the company he keeps, which is tied into the family business and his addiction. So the way to drive it home for folks, is to keep hammering on his driving while under the influence, the actions that are born of impaired judgement and the lies he tells to cover up the whole mess.
    It all ties back to the alcoholism, and anyone including Ford who says what he does on his private time is no ones business, need to refer to the driving under the influence and his fallign down drunk in public. He is a danger to himself and others.

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    Iris Mclean says:

    Oh Dang! Now Rob is being sued by his sister’s ex-boyfriend. Something about a jailhouse beating.
    Gotta love it!

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