01.17.2014 08:59 AM

SFH: I Am A Confused Teenager

I post this not because (a) it is a Hot Nasties tune, made famous by the Palma Violets (b) or because the Hot Nasties are reuniting in Calgary this year (c) or because I am in love with my Fender Bullet bass, even though I am (d) or because I think it’s vital that you know what we were doing last night. No, I post it because (a) Davey Snot has moved from skins to strings and (b) Bjorn von Flapjack III is back keeping beat.  And neither of them were as horrifically, stupendously awful as I’d expected them to be, this being the first time either had ever played ‘I Am A Confused Teenager.’ Not bad for a couple of total degenerates.

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  1. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Very good…but it’s lacking a few gogo girls in miniskirts and high conquistador boots. Apart from that…perfect! Am I showing my age and lecherous side?

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