01.17.2014 08:59 AM

SFH: I Am A Confused Teenager

I post this not because (a) it is a Hot Nasties tune, made famous by the Palma Violets (b) or because the Hot Nasties are reuniting in Calgary this year (c) or because I am in love with my Fender Bullet bass, even though I am (d) or because I think it’s vital that you know what we were doing last night. No, I post it because (a) Davey Snot has moved from skins to strings and (b) Bjorn von Flapjack III is back keeping beat. ¬†And neither of them were as horrifically, stupendously awful as I’d expected them to be, this being the first time either had ever played ‘I Am A Confused Teenager.’ Not bad for a couple of total degenerates.

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    Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Very good…but it’s lacking a few gogo girls in miniskirts and high conquistador boots. Apart from that…perfect! Am I showing my age and lecherous side?

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