01.20.2014 01:18 PM

The only Canadian news story that is of any significance today

If (a) this is accurate and (b) it holds up, get ready for a lot of long-yerm instability and chaos, folks.

Leger isn’t Forum. Those guys are the real deal.

Not good.


  1. Matt says:

    If true, any chance this leads to a resurgence for the Bloc federally?

  2. rww says:

    Perhaps the PQ figures if they cannot get enough support from voters to leave Canada adopting polices that make Canada want to leave Quebec is the next best thing.

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    Well, perhaps we need a Trudeau to replace the Conservatives and effectively fight the separatists again.

  4. david ray says:

    Lee Atwater c’mon on down. who said hate doesn’t pay.

  5. Steven says:

    I think that the PQ’s apparent boost in the polls lies primarily in its making a wedge out of its Charter ( aka the Anti-Niqab law).

    Nothing brings it home better than all these winter holidaying Quebeckers (not to mention many others in the ROC) flying to and back from Cuba, The Domincan etc. having to take their shoes off and having their more than 100ml suntan lotion containers confiscated at the airport.

    Not to mention all the press about terrorist threats about the Sochi Olympics.

  6. e.a.f. says:

    it may not cause that much instability. those who don’t like the charter will move out of Quebec. if enough leave, it would impact property prices,but that may bring others into the province. Although support for the p.q. has increased, the decision to leave Canada hasn’t so as long as they don’t decide to leave, things may be stable, except for what Harper is doing to Canada.

    Voters in Quebec may also look favourably on the pQ because the federal liberals and conservatives don’t have enough to offer them.

  7. pc says:

    If Levesque, Bouchard, Parizeau and Landry couldn’t achieve “sovereignty,” why should anyone think Tante Gouvernemaman is capable of it? If Marois attains a majority, she’ll be wood-chipped just as quickly as her predecessors. The PQ eats its leadership like no other party.

  8. Paul Brennan says:

    this instability in Quebec a problem for Canada… whats the answer though…

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