01.30.2014 06:46 AM

Warman wins again

To the defendants, meanwhile, we say: good riddance to bad garbage. May your misery be long and deep.

Next up: the scumbags at Brain Dead Animals.


  1. debs says:

    Wow, is it defamatory for me to call the Fourniers idiots?
    I mean they could have paid 5K and apologized now they are in for alot more:P

  2. Joe O'Neill says:

    Anyone who applauds this decision and who supports the activities of Richard Warman is a fascist at heart.

    • Tim says:

      No Joe, I do and I’m not. Free speech and democratic rights were taught to us in Grade 9 history and I remember this part of the lesson very well “with these rights come responsibilities”. A lot of people seem to forget that part, either that or there’s a lot of bad grade 9 history teachers out there.

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