01.12.2014 02:35 PM

We get letters: “I am an economist”

Oh, and Warren should join the Taliban.

Just proof that fucking idiots are not exclusively on the Right:

From: daniel stevelman danecoman@yahoo.ca
Date: January 12, 2014 at 2:26:07 PM EST
To: “warren.kinsella@sunmedia.ca”
Subject: prostitution
Reply-To: daniel stevelman

didn’t think you could outdo yourself in your ignorance, but you have..you are denying females and others free choice?, look up the definition of rape, it’s forced, not consensual, you should join the Taliban, you definitely think like them..dan ps. read studies on the economics of prostitution, economics of drugs etc. since I am an economist


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    smelter rat says:

    Aw, I probably shouldn’t mock some nerd who only has 16 facebook friends.

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    e.a.f. says:

    Daniel maybe an economist, but you don’t need to be an economist to comment rationally on prostitution.


    Warren doesn’t need to join the Taliban. The Taliban has its own form of prostition and rape, its just called forced marriage, very few people become prostitutes because they want to. they usually become prostitutes because it is a way of making money they otherwise would not be able to do so. If sex is to be totally consensual then there can not be an inducement of a monetary nature attached to it. If there is no total consent to the act then it could be considered rape.

    In an ideal world people wouldn’t have to resort to prostitution to make a living. seeing as that isn’t going to be happening, we do need to look at the process and how to safe guard sex workers. and children need to be kept out of it. Now as to the economics of prostitution, who cares about the economics of it. Its the act which we need to focus on. Denying women the right to make a living by selling their bodies. Gee, the selling of bodies is about the same as slavery, but then there were economist who were o.k. with that also. it improved the bottom line.

    I always found it interesting that for most of history it were women who had to sell their bodies for sex to make a living. it hasn’t been what you might call and male dominated trade. prostitution has continued in one form or another because men with money were able to buy sex from women who needed that money. it is a sad state of affairs. I do trust you don’t have daughters.

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      VC says:

      By Daniel’s logic, we are also limiting people’s free choice to commit murder. No doubt there are economic considerations for murder and homicide, such as the black market for hired hitmen (or hitwomen) may be. But economic implications are a distant consideration to moral judgement, especially in the case of homicide and prostitution.

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        e.a.f. says:

        actually being a hitperson isn’t always that lucrative. If a cost/benefit anaylsis were to be done, and you figure in you might be caught and have to pay for a a lawyer and still get thrown in jail, even if they paid you say, $50K for a hit, and you spent 25 yrs in jail it would work out to $2K a yrs. not a great job.

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    Pipes says:

    Again, why not adding a page of insults to your website?

    You get the best insults. They are fun to read and I especially enjoy when you reveal their email addresses and I am sure they are reading our comments as well. Very interactive!

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    Mulletaur says:

    Why would somebody purposely destroy their own credibility by claiming to be an economist ? Very strange.

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    Ted H says:

    Well two comments, first of all he admits that there are f**king idiots on the right, secondly, even Stephen Harper admitted that he became an economist because he didn’t have enough personality to be an accountant.

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      patrick says:


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