01.27.2014 09:29 AM

Why is the Ontario government placing 800 kids at risk?

Just saw this.  Happening in Northumberland – Cobourg, Brighton, all around there – right now, this week.

This is outrageous.  Eight hundred kids! Where is the Opposition, where are the other media?

This kind of move is insanity – and in an election year, no less.  I plan to dig further into this one, but does anyone else have background to share?




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    Matt says:

    Guess they need the money. After all, they have a couple seats to buy in the two upcoming by-elections.

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    david ray says:

    after a quick read and towards the end it looks like someone wants to reward another group to do the same thing. who are the other group and are they affiliated with the current director in any way? unleash that crack research team now.

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    Warren says:

    On it

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    Michelle Higginson says:

    I am so happy to see you helping with this. I am a parent who is affectived by this mess. I spoke at a Council meeting in the summer hoping to have their support, instead I seem to have angered them. Our current agency, Northumberland Child Development Centre is by far the most caring helping agency I have ever dealt with. My son is adopted. Our adoption was very close to breaking down and would have f it had not been for the knowledge and understanding of our child’s disorder that our worker has. Now with all this political crap going on I do not know what is going to happen to my family. My son is being punished for a political agenda.

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    Paul Brennan says:

    now here is an important news story ..in this day of one paragraph news stories , wire services , consolidated newsroom, ….cheap is better yadayadayada…

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    Doris says:

    As stated previously the imperious middle manager in charge in charge of the coordination of the NCDCs programmes obviously had his male ego hurt by someting or he want s to reward his buddies -the name Nancy Draper has been associated with many bad things in the past -good for bureaucracy bad for good programmes

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      Wayne says:

      Northumberland County has said that “Northumberland Child Development Centre was the author of their own demise’, however it Nancy Draper who was the ‘author of their demise’. Northumberland County hired Draper as the ‘facilitator’ to work with the Centre on a “false” process, they worked with her in good faith and she led them down the garden path to this untenable position.

      As for the County Council Members, if they truly do not know what their staff have done then shame on them! if they do know what their staff have done and are covering for them the SHAME on them! Either way they have obviously forgotten that this is an election year!

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    Alison says:

    Same thing is going on in Toronto, on the Lakeshore: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/01/15/christie-blatchford-tainted-tendering-process-leaves-pre-school-language-program-cut/

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    Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    As noted by Mr. Kinsella himself, the real question is not why is the township is throwing the program into a tizzy, but why is the province cutting the funding, thus necessitating this hardship.

    I’m an evil, free-market-loving, “invisible hand of the marketplace” believing, fervent privatizer, but programs for the disabled, the addicted and uneducated must be the government’s top priority. And I don’t mean the City of Ottawa’s crack pipe program.

    BTW, I saw Chretien on George Stromboulopoulos (?) last night. Looks pretty good, and speaks well, as usual. And I LOVED his defense of the oil sands development. Harper should take notes. And so should the oil sands opposition.

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    Karen says:

    Issues like this rarely see the light of day. Making matters worse are when there are too many levels of government. When you have mayors, representing various townships at a county level, who are of the mind set that what happens at the County Council level does not concern the councillors of the township it makes you wonder why bother with the lower level at all. If mayors are going to ignore what their councillors are telling them and the councillors represent the residents then what exactly is their purpose? Nonsense all round – time to get rid of a layer!

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