02.13.2014 08:24 AM

CC: Christy Clark and Chris Christie

They share the same initials, and they share the same tactics.



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    debs says:

    she is as corrupt and sleazy as they come. Fits right in with bclibs:P

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    tf says:

    I’m quoting another re: the BC Liberals – “Rotten to the core” – I’ve yet to hear something so apt.

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    dave says:

    Clark and the BC Libs have ridden out this kind of thing for over a dozen years. They will be fine. Palmer and the rest of the BC media will move on from this quickly.

    In fact, this morning(Thursday) the BC Libs bounce right back by using their majority to pass a motion to cut down question period in our legislature considerably. 2 of the 4 question periods will be first thing each morn, rather than all 4 being first thing each afternoon. The motion has several regulations on how questions will be asked, including cutting out extra remarks and allowing only the bare bones question itself. (The motion does not say anything about answers, though.)

    So, yeah, the BC Libs have a majority and know how to use their power to keep and augment their power.
    They’ll be fine.

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