02.04.2014 11:10 AM

How do you see Toronto?

This is an amazing piece of work, sent by an acquaintance of a friend. I don’t know the author’s name. But if they’re reading this, I say: do more stuff like this. This is really, really powerful.


  1. Houland Wolfe says:

    from today’s Mop & Pail…. Det. Sgt. Giroux’s comments Monday made it clear that the mayor is, in fact, a main focus of the investigation. “My original mandate is to investigate any criminality involved with the mayor and the mayor’s office, and that is active and continuing,” Det. Sgt. Giroux said.

  2. Sean says:

    Psychopath guy, pure and simple. He’s right when he says he can’t change the past. But he also won’t learn from his mistakes. The man is a liar and lying is one of a number of characteristics of the psychopath. His world is one in the present with little ( if any ) ability to think or plan for the future. This is a big reason why this personality cannot be rehabilitated-in clinical terms the psycho’s amygdala is dysfunctional. The garden variety psycho, I don’t think Ford is it, can kiss or kill without a bond and after committing the most heinous of acts can sleep like a baby.

    This is not the time to lighten up on Ford. Buy Robin Doolittle’s book, keep the noise threshold, sky high, support those gallant enough to stand up to the guy-defend them in the blogs and thank them via correspondence. And support any legislation which will allow us to rid this type of politician from public office.

  3. Pipes says:

    A great piece of work. Really good.

  4. G. Mcrae says:

    Some of the text was hard to read, especially when listening to the audio, but overall a very good effort. There are some creative people out there. Nothing like using ones own words against them as the CPC has shown over the past elections. Progressives are catching up.

  5. Ridiculosity says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Kudos to those responsible for the work.

  6. patrick says:

    Terrific. Really makes the point that Ford is a stain on the city.

  7. Derek Pearce says:

    Excellent. Hope people see this again closer to the election.

  8. Ty says:

    Love you Warren, but this isn’t they way. It sucks, in fact.

    People who vote for Ford don’t think of him as the embodiment of the city, as the ad implies. Half of ‘Ford Nation’ doesn’t even really like him. They think of him to equalize the downtown elites they think raise their taxes and irritate them when they look at Sun headlines. A fat, crack using idiot as a balance on one scale versus the bureaucracy on the other.

    Offer an alternative. Offer clarity that dollars will be respected and not justified in three paragraphs of buzzwords.

    Then you will win.

    • Warren says:

      I love you too. But I didn’t do it. I simply put it here for people to see and comment. So see it, and comment.

    • sezme says:

      To win, one doesn’t need to persuade all of “Ford Nation”. That way lies madness. One simply needs to convince a plurality to do what’s actually best for the city. Maybe four years ago a plurality believed that a bit of destruction was the right way forward, but it seems to me that that time has passed and most people are ready to get on with something more constructive.

      And Ty and Warren, I love you both.

  9. Cameron Prymak says:

    Interesting stuff.

    And on the jumbotron,

    …I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…

  10. Brammer says:

    ttc chime at the end nailed it.

  11. the original Sean says:

    This is brilliant.

    • Warren says:

      Isn’t it well done? By a regular Joe, according to BlogTO.

      If I worked at a big ad agency, I’d be nervous. Regular folks are putting out way better stuff than they do, and at no cost!

      • the original Sean says:

        My favorite aspect of smart advertising is what an ad says – without saying it. What this ad is conveying is that the entire image of Toronto: peaceful, cosmopolitan, law abiding… has been totally offended / vandalised / tarnished by Rob Ford’s madness.

        I think the ballot question will be: Chow or Chaos, Chow or Drug Gangs.

  12. david ray says:

    the ford voiceover combined with the choice of music nailed it for me. class versus crass. wish I could do the visual tech the way this was done .

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