02.22.2014 07:39 AM

In which Daughter and Father discuss latest Internet drinking game, using the Internet

I forget what the game is called, but it was all the rage on Facebook a couple weeks ago. Daughter was asked about it. The exchange:



  1. PeggyW says:

    Mom or Dad at the end of the sentence; they’re probably pissed. Mom or Dad at the beginning; they’re about to ask you for something or you’re probably just not going to like what comes next…

  2. dave says:

    That’s nothing…I was in my credit union the other day, and the employee helping me out, she is a long time employee about half my age, called me ‘Dear’ five times.

  3. Mike Adamson says:

    I sense more condescension than irritation. My children let me know that I’m a doddering fool in a similar manner.

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