02.27.2014 09:39 AM

Jim Flaherty will be announcing his retirement in five, four, three…

…two, one…



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    nadinelumley says:

    “Ah, who can forget that great first “tweet” from Jason Kenney, after Harper shuffled him laterally last summer with the hope of providing him a “heat shield” from the public backlash over the Royal Bank TFW fiasco!

    Kenney tweeted “I will work hard to end the paradox of too many people without jobs in an economy that has too many jobs without people”.

    Now, Kenney is trying to change channels by saying he doesn’t want “foreign workers to come into low-paying jobs in areas of high unemployment”!

    A few years back, when the Harper/Kenney tandem turned the TFW program into blatant CPC corporate/business kick-back program, they threw open the doors and let 360,000 TFW’s in the back door.

    The kickback was that in exchange for the Cons providing the corporations/businesses a 15% payroll saving, from hiring TFW’s, then those corporations/businesses were expected to return memberships and contributions back to CPC.

    Harper and Kenney are from Alberta.

    The Alberta Conservative government runs the same kickback program which has kept them in power continuously for 40+ years.

    The Oil and Energy cartels won’t provide contracts unless the recipient business is holding a Conservative party membership card and they make regular contributions.

    In return, those cartels receive paltry low “royalty” rates which enables them to maximize profits.

    So, this article is nothing but bluster fluff — the TFW program will be rigged as long as the Cons are in power!”


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    Iris Mclean says:

    Soon to be fundraising for Rob Ford’s campaign.

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    PP says:

    Yes, isn’t that interesting? After the rest of the MSM had highlighted the obvious differences between Harper and Flaherty on this, Ivison over at the Nat. Post had disavowed this and claimed that the two were actually on the same page. Everybody else was wrong, according to Ivison. Well, there goes Ivison’s credibility.

    Interesting also that for an encore, ivison is today claiming that Harper had a stellar week, courtesy of Trudeau and the NDP. How could it be a stellar week for Harper when the PMO had just been exposed for having free lunches on the taxpayers’ expense for the past three years? Seems there goes Ivison’s credibility, again. Twice in a month too.

    What’s up with Ivison? Senator wannabe?

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      Matt says:

      Ivison may well have been right AT THAT TIME.

      He also reported that the CPC caucus was furious at Flaherty’s statements as many of them ran on the promise of income splitting when the deficit was eliminated.

      And remember, the promise wasn’t just something tossed out there during a speech. It’s very clearly stated, in writing in the CPC policy book.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I just checked out impossible in the political dictionary. I would put it to you that no prime minister — of any party — actually gives two shits what caucus thinks.

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        PP says:

        If Ivison had also reported that the CPC caucus was furious at Flaherty, then clearly Flaherty and Harper were NOT on the same page, otherwise there would not have been angst at Flaherty’s position. That was what was what the rest of the MSM had reported (that Harper and Flaherty disagreed). So how could Ivison have been right at that time? Your logic eludes me, I am afraid.

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      Doris says:

      Ivison has no credibility, part of the incestuous MSM in Ottawa, the centre of the punditry world, he has managed in his short time here, after all he is a Scot, to come over here catch farts for the big guys and obviously likes to be seen as the next Duffy. Hope he goes the way of the Puffster too.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I suppose it depends on where this Prime Minister really sits. Was Harper’s recent defence of the concept of income splitting merely rhetorical to satisfy the base or is he economically committed to it? Note how the PMO took its time before Harper spoke publicly. Who knows if Harper and Flaherty are really on the same page as it relates to Budget 2015.

    I agree with Flaherty and Bernier. But Flaherty’s decision should be solely based on health considerations. If manageable, he might as well stay. If not, he should put his own personal well being — and that of his family first.

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    Coelocanth_Jones says:

    One can only hope. Being a former Whitbyite, that community deserves so much better

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