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John Tory: I “frankly may be out of date”

No kidding.

In other news, John’s body double has been located. Lovey!


13 Responses to “John Tory: I “frankly may be out of date””

  1. Now Warren, you’re just being terribly unfair here. Mr. Tory was merely trying to be helpful to the little fillies who want to get ahead in the business world. Why, he even suggested they take up a true he-man’s sport in order to make a few extra bucks before they, naturally, get married, leave work, and birth a gaggle of future Conservatives to carry on the dream.

    Now, of course golf is a little pricey, what with the club fees, and the multi-coloured polyester nightmares accepted as uniform, but I’m sure these plucky gals could find themselves a nice dainty set of clubs second-hand.

    But then again, according to Thurston… Oops, I mean Mr. Tory… The poor little dears would still end up paying a premium price, as they’re incapable of negotiating.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world: Barf.

  2. Matt says:

    Well, at least he’s had his “full retard” moment before entering an election this time, unlike announcing his religious school funding plan durin the provincial election in 2007. I guess that’s “progress”.

    And I use the term “full retard” not to insult those with developmental disabilities. That would be wrong.

  3. Christian says:

    Huh. Mitt Romney is running for mayor? Who knew?

  4. Lynn says:

    Well, if only all we librarians, teachers, nurses, caregivers, non specialist doctors, pharmacy staff, waitresses, and other female dominated professions had only thought of that– just ask,…. and golf. Thank you Mr. Tory for letting us know just what is needed to ensure our success– what is the advice when we get laughed out of the office, or treated like a leper. When I bemoan the fact that a librarian needs a master’s degree to enter the profession and gets paid very poorly for all our education and effort, I have had many men tell me that it is their fault and should have chosen another profession.

    Yes, the only thing worth doing in our newly corporatized society is business, any other pursuit is diminished and not valued or worth a decent salary whether we ask, beg or plead, and further, if a woman can do it must be worth nothing. Nonetheless, thanks for letting us know how play the game with the cretins who hold the purse strings. It is clear that the efforts and contributions of most, if not all female dominated professions, are diminished in society Mr. Tory…just being a bunch of girls, we did not know how to remedy this (sarcastic eye roll).

  5. Cawm says:

    Good for Kinsella for pointing out this gafffe from Tory. Of course women should not have to learn how to play golf. What the heck kind of world do we live in where it is always the women who have to learn the men`s games ?
    If Tory can be so sexist that he can refer to golf as the avenue women should take to enter the man`s world, then why does he not tell men to learn shopping or baking or other traditional women`s activities in order to enter the woman`s world.
    It is good that women have an ally like Kinsella that promotes the traditional role of women. Torontonians will have Kinsella to thank for his timely propaganda in a few years when Mayor Chow will actually make them nostalgic for Mayor Ford.

  6. Ridiculosity says:

    Tory’s comments are clearly “out of date”.

    Tory’s also way past his “Best Before Date”.

    Time to pull that product off the shelf and replace it with something fresh.

  7. Ed Frink says:

    John Tory is worse than Rob Ford. And that’s saying a lot.

  8. Ty says:

    What was the old Ann Richards line? Born with a silver foot in his mouth?

  9. kenny says:

    I just got a hold of a leaked copy of John Tory’s mayoral campaign platform.

    Some details: he will be firing all women from the management of all departments with the exception of cleaning. Golf scores will be mandatory for all potential applicants into city’s public service.

    This is truly a huge deal. If we don’t watch out, we will soon be ruled by a vile, sexist, authoritarian golfer. Please keep up the campaign Warren, this is the most important event to happen in the city in months. Keep up the good work!

  10. Iris Mclean says:

    Bet he has binders full of women who will vote for him.

  11. steve says:

    Probably the reason somebody is for Muslim only schools was that it would keep all those women where they belong

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