02.12.2014 12:00 PM

Karen Stintz, defender of all things Conservative

Check this out:

I find that fascinating.

What interests me most is Stintz’s decision to (a) attack someone who clearly has her worried (b) her bizarro swing at the NDP and (c) her naked shilling for the Harper/Flaherty Conservatives.

Now, given that Karen is a lifelong, hardcore Conservative, one who worked to privatize healthcare – and whose partner worked for the aforementioned Flaherty – I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.  But, honestly: if you are running for mayor of Toronto, is it a good idea to be seen doing Harper’s dirty work?

Anyway, keep at it, Karen.  At this rate, if you get your deposit back, I’ll be frankly amazed.



  1. Matt says:

    I’m still thinking her name doesn’t make it onto the ballot.

  2. Cameron Prymak says:

    ‘At this rate, if you get your deposit back..’


  3. patrick says:

    Once she flipped on Transit City I figured she did herself in. Never heard of her trying to privatize health care. Love to have a link.

  4. Paul Brennan says:

    What was full tweet?

  5. Ty says:

    Why is the NDP attack bizzaro? Chow’s an NDP MP, just like Tory is a PC.

    It’s really too bad there isn’t a Liberal even involved in the race.

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