02.03.2014 02:56 PM

Toronto needs a mayor: police still investigating Rob Ford

Source: Toronto police.

“My original mandate is to investigate any criminality involved with the mayor and the mayor’s office, and that is active and continuing.”

This yarn buries the lede, however: folks should be told the squad that Det. Sgt. Giroux works for.

The homicide squad.



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    james curran says:

    Tick, tick, tick….

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    Lance says:

    Can’t wait to read that book, LOL

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    Sean says:

    I’m never sure if my comments are at times libelous or not-I’ll get my answer if Warren posts this.

    I think what we’re seeing in Rob Ford is a clear case of psychopathy. According to Robert Hare, one in one hundred Canadians has a psychopathic personality but only a few are like Paul Bernardo. Also not all psychopaths are deleterious to society. Some, who were raised in a functional environment, go on to become Navy Seals, test pilots, heroes-the kind who will take risks in saving the life of another human being. But this latter grouping doesn’t apply to Ford.

    Ford matches several concerning characteristics: failure to learn from past experience, manipulative, parasitic, controlling, grandiose, glib, need for excessive stimulation, incapacity to love, shallow affect, inability to share power.

    This is not the type of personality which should be mayor of one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

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    nosferatu200 says:


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