02.10.2014 11:25 AM

Who should be more worried?

The guys who are the focus of all this attention – or the guys whose top-secret memos are leaking all over the place?

And if the leaks are deliberate, are they really helping the Cons? I don’t think so.

Best part of Susan’s story: a bonus reference to Yours Truly! (Dimitri was highly, highly complmentary towards the Boss, by the way. I would’ve thrown bread rolls at him if he hadn’t been!)


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    JamesM says:

    It makes me wonder where this is all coming from. It seems to me that since the departure of Nigel Wright the CPC tactics seem to be rather heavy handed and clumsy.

    Conspiracy theories abound, a) is it from Jason Kenny trying to discredit the boss for his own ends, b) Maybe an old school PC person sick of the Reform types.


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