03.11.2014 01:29 PM

A statement for and about the new age

Me: Hey, look, Twitter’s down.

Colleague Aaron: Yeah, I know. ¬†And I can’t even tweet about it.



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    smelter rat says:

    It was awful.

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    e.a.f. says:

    well it looks like Olivia Chow has a very good chance of winning the Mayor’s position in Toronto after all. The press in B.C. reads you are running her “war room” and that there is a conservative and NDP people also working on her campaign. This ought to be good.

    It is one way they got rid of a Mayor back in the day here in B.C. They say they saw NDP and Conservative members going up the road together to door to door. It worked. Perhaps we are in for a change in Canada.

    Here in B.C. we saw the latest attack ad by the Cons against Trudeau Jr. I don’t know whether to get pissed off for the idea of an attack ad or say thank you. The second picture of Trudeau Jr. coming into the room removing his shirt. My god that kid is hot. O.K. its not appropriate but hell, he looked very sexy and there isn’t a politician in the country who could have pulled that off. The Cons really are stupid. Trudeau just picked up a lot of votes, thanks to the Conservative attack ads. I’m going to thank oil can and my M.P. John Duncan. they are such un attractive men and Trudeau just looks so good. Why look at ugly art when you can see nice pictures.

    Anyhow its nice to see you are working on Ms. Chow’s campaign. The best of luck.

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