03.29.2014 08:41 AM

Byline: three segments for your viewing (dis)pleasure

My second failed attempt at hosting Sun News Network’s Byline, below. ┬áComments are welcome, but anyone who takes a cheap shot about hairlines is banned for life.


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    Jon Adams says:

    If you’re hosting “Byline,” do you have the urge to cut off your own mic?

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    Alan S says:

    These are not failed attempts, as much as I may disagree with you at times, normal life freedom of thought, I think it is great you are Sun News and we can hear another view point, please keep it up, the more you do the more natural it will feel. Thanks to Sun News for hosting you, open dialog is what we all need.

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    davie says:

    I saw a few minutes when yu were talking to the young guy (way, way younger guy) about the gas plants e mails. You did fine. Good follow up questions, and allowed the guest to finish what he was saying! You kept it moving.

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    Swervin' Merv says:

    Looking more comfortable and polished each time you host, Warren.

    While Justin doesn’t yet “haunt us” like his dad–except in Harper’s nightmares–it is appropriate for you to say he is “taunting us” (in his own ways) like Pierre did: “Just watch me.”

    Canadians want a leader we can like, and who seems to respect us (and our democratic institutions). Justin fits that bill–although Mulcair can run policy circles around him.

    Why is he holding his lead? Canadians don’t all think that Justin’s “mistakes” are all mistakes, although characterized this way by attack dogs and media types looking for an easy hit.

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    davie says:

    Bit off topic…well, it’s about tv broadcasting, so I should be okay…caught last part of a CPAC panel and audience participation at U of Ottawa. Panel was Michael Chong, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, and Elizabeth May. They were talking to students about young people’s engagement in traditional politics.
    What struck me was that the four politicians did discuss the issues and questions without much partisanship. Some good questions from the students, especially the first one, which asked about decisions based on evidence , rather than ideology.
    CPAC will likely rerun the programme.

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    Terry Quinn says:

    Trudeau has the money to defend himself from the tory snipers when the time is ripe. He has yet to really perform efficiently in election mode but is warming up to it. Harper will not destroy this guy and my prediction is still that Harper will resign sometime this year when he realizes he can’t destroy his main opponent with dirty tricks or otherwise.

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    e.a.f. says:

    o.k. I won’t mention anything about hair lines. However, that younger guy you were interviewing does have lovely hair and he is so good looking. I’m not saying your hair isn’t nice.

    The attack ad the Cons used against Trudeau, the younger, the one where he is “in over his head” and taking off his shirt as he walks into the room. Got a news flash for the Cons. Any woman I’ve talked to, doesn’t like attack ads, on principle; they thought the video of Trudeau taking off his shirt was HOT. That was whether they were aging baby boomers or 20 and 30 somethings.

    So do I want a prime minister who looks like an old over weight codger like Harper or a “over his head” hottie, like Trudeau. Mulcair looks better than Harper and gives it the dignity approach. (yes I know its all so sexist)

    O.K. I’m voting NDP but if a Liberal had a better chance of winning in my riding, I’d go with the Liberal, just to get rid of John Duncan, Conservative M.P.

    As an ex of mine used to say, we aren’t selling the steak you idiot, we are selling the sizzle.

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      e.a.f. says:

      Word is Laureen knows how to have fun. Harper doesn’t. I’d be in the audience to if I had to choose between Trudeau or Harper.

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      Robin says:

      Laureen Harper was actually sitting at the same table as Justin Trudeau. I shudder to imagine what it must be like to watch Harper do a strip tease. I’m sure she was imagining Trudeau being in over his head. I digress.

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    S. Watson says:

    Saw you on SUN TV… and my impression was you were trying to act calm, cool, collected… and it sounded stilted!

    You need to exaggerate your commentary for more attitude… you needed more… nasty in your tone of voice. Contempt, contagion, contention, controversy, even contusion to your delivery… instead you sounded … conservative in your presentation, almost apologetic… {{{shudder}}}

    Logical-ness doesn’t fit your persona … you are a pit bull attack dog and you made yourself reserved, aloof, withdrawn, bunged up … let it flow, bro …!!!!

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      Robin says:

      All heavyweight champions of the world mellow after they leave the ring and become commentators. Warren is bringing decorum to SUN NEWS NETWORK which allows panellists and guests to express their ideas. I just miss Barney the purple dinosaur.

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